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Lunar Eclipse in Gemini (November 30, 2020)

The Lunar North and South Nodes are not planets or stars. They are “points” based on the intersection of the moon’s orbit around the Earth with the apparent orbit of the Sun around the Earth.

The North and South Nodes are always in opposition and eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and one or both of the lunar nodes are conjunct.

The Nodes

The nodes entered the signs of Gemini (NN) and Sagittarius (SN) in May of this year and they will leave in January, 2022. If you are a mutable sign, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) your life will take many unexpected twists and turns over the next two years and you will change and evolve.

The North Node in your chart points you toward the direction you need to follow in order to grow. You expand your consciousness and skills by pursuing North Node activities while the South Node points to patterns that keep you stuck because they’re familiar and comfortable.


During a solar eclipse, the Sun is obscured by the Moon’s shadow, which indicates it’s a time to deal with unresolved emotional issues, as the Moon represents our emotions.

During a lunar eclipse which happens during a Full Moon (two weeks after a solar eclipse), the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, blocking it from reflecting the Sun’s light.

Eclipse energy is activated about 10 days before the actual event and stays active for six months. This is because another eclipse happens six months later.

We can think of a solar eclipse as a Super New Moon which is associated with New Beginnings. While you may not experience any external changes during or after a solar eclipse, a solar eclipse always brings internal changes. Because the sun’s light has been blocked, it’s best to operate from a place of inner knowing and intuition during a solar eclipse. This is not the time to let your ego run around unchecked.

The house in your natal chart in which the solar eclipse occurs will reveal the areas of life that will take on extra importance over the next six months. So for example if the solar eclipse on December 14th falls in your 7th house, your relationships will be highlighted. You may meet someone new or get married or create a business partnership. If it falls in your 6th house, you may start a new job or change your eating habits.

I will write more about the upcoming solar eclipse in early December.

A lunar eclipse like the Full Moon is associated with Endings and Illumination but because it’s an eclipse we may have trouble processing what we’re feeling. There’s a kind of intuitive block or lack of integration during a lunar eclipse which can lead to poor decision making.

Look to the house in your birth chart in which the lunar eclipse occurs for clues as to where you will likely face uncertainty and stress.

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

The Lunar eclipse - a penumbral lunar eclipse - will occur at 12:32am (MT), 11:32pm (PT) on Sunday the 29th and 2:32 am ET, Nov 30. It will last for 4hrs and 21 minutes.

The lunar eclipse (8 degrees 38’) in Gemini will occur the same day Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. This indicates not only surprises (good or bad) but also uncertainty around relationships and money. This aspect tends to highlight differences between partners so you may find yourself feeling tense and uncertain about the future. However since we’re dealing with eclipse energy you could for example, actually meet someone outside your “usual type” probably via the internet that you fall in love with or build a relationship with.

It’s interesting to note that the Moon will conjunct fixed star Aldebaran. When a planet joins a fixed star, that planet’s energy is heightened. Aldebaran is associated with many things and one of them is integrity, so issues around integrity may come up. Emotions will run high leading up to the lunar eclipse and for days afterwards. Aldebaran is associated with great success but also great losses. Another indication that there is either money or an uptick in popularity on the way or money and popularity will be lost.

Lunar Eclipse 30/11/20 12:32 am Edmonton, AB

With the Moon conjunct the North Node we are encouraged to “look back” in order to reflect on how our past hinders our growth and prevents us from tackling new tasks or enjoying new experiences. We may come to the realization that an old problem or behavioural pattern continues to influence our lives.

The North Node in Gemini offers us clues as to what this potential problem relates to…

Gemini is the sign associated with communication (speaking, writing), learning, early education, transportation, co-workers and siblings.

The Sun will be opposite the Moon and conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius “lighting up” legal matters, higher education and issues around freedom. If you have been waiting for closure or a resolution around a legal matter for example you should hear something around the time of this lunar eclipse. Soon after the eclipse Mercury and Saturn connect via a sextile aspect which will aid you in making careful plans. Mercury in Scorpio will also be in a Saturn ruled Egyptian term so your thoughts will be focused on the long-term.

Here are the houses highlighted by this lunar eclipse (read for your Sun sign). You can get a free birth chart via if you want to know the house in which Gemini is placed at the time of your birth.


3rd house: Communication, Siblings, Transportation, Co-workers


2nd house: Money, Work, Self-esteem


Ist house: Self-image, Identity, Appearance


12th house: Secrets, Spirituality, Psychic Abilities, Dreams


11th house: Friends, Groups, Hopes & Wishes


10th house: Career, Vocation, Reputation


9th house: Higher Education, Philosophy, Faith, Legal matters


8th house: Money, Inheritances, Loans, Sex, Death


7th house: Relationships, Partnerships, Open Enemies