• Yolanda McAdam

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (November, 2021)

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, the lunar eclipse starts on the 18th (Nov) at 10:02 pm. If you live in the East (Toronto, New York) the eclipse starts at 1:02am on the 19th.

This event occurs in Venus-ruled Taurus and because it’s a Full Moon (all lunar eclipses are Full Moons) we have to take the Sun's position in Scorpio into account too. The Moon at 27º will be conjunct Algol. Algol is at 26º Taurus in the constellation Perseus.

A notorious fixed star, Algol is often referred to as the “demon star” and associated with evil and beheadings. However, as with all things, while there is a lot to fear when Algol enters the picture, there is also potential for great reward and creativity. If you’ve read my Week Ahead post you will know that Algol is linked to the myth of Medusa. In myth, anyone who looked directly at Medusa was turned to stone. I have done many birth chart readings for people with Ascendant or personal planets conjunct Algol, and all of them have striking eyes. So what may come up for you this week is eye trouble and/or on a deeper level, the need for an answer to the question:

What am I not seeing?