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  • Yolanda McAdam

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (November, 2021)

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, the lunar eclipse starts on the 18th (Nov) at 10:02 pm. If you live in the East (Toronto, New York) the eclipse starts at 1:02am on the 19th.

This event occurs in Venus-ruled Taurus and because it’s a Full Moon (all lunar eclipses are Full Moons) we have to take the Sun's position in Scorpio into account too. The Moon at 27º will be conjunct Algol. Algol is at 26º Taurus in the constellation Perseus.

A notorious fixed star, Algol is often referred to as the “demon star” and associated with evil and beheadings. However, as with all things, while there is a lot to fear when Algol enters the picture, there is also potential for great reward and creativity. If you’ve read my Week Ahead post you will know that Algol is linked to the myth of Medusa. In myth, anyone who looked directly at Medusa was turned to stone. I have done many birth chart readings for people with Ascendant or personal planets conjunct Algol, and all of them have striking eyes. So what may come up for you this week is eye trouble and/or on a deeper level, the need for an answer to the question:

What am I not seeing?

A lunar eclipse only projects its influence forward in months and days equal to the number of hours and minutes it lasts. This partial lunar eclipse is unusually long and will last 3hrs 28 minutes. To check time and visibility in your area click here.

The effects of this lunar eclipse will last from 19 November, 2021 to 19 February, 2022.

Traditionally, eclipses are considered malefic. So much so that it’s advised you avoid being outdoors during the eclipse and you should not watch an eclipse. However, eclipses are also transformative and if you have personal planets at 22-27º Taurus and/or Scorpio this is an eclipse of new beginnings. You may also come by some extra cash or property. Eclipses almost always start off bad. Do not lose your head over whatever transpires over the next three months.

I expect the mistreatment of women will make the headlines now. Stories of violence towards women, misogyny and sex trafficking. Ghislaine Maxwell's court case is expected to take place on 29 November, for example.

Closer to home, the Moon will have just completed a square to Jupiter and a trine to Pluto. We may find ourselves just prior to the eclipse feeling overly optimistic about something or someone despite not being in possession of all the facts (see above: do not lose your head!). On a psychological level, we may feel ready for deep emotional-release work like shadow work. This aspect to Pluto just prior to the eclipse indicates that we are about to enter a releasing cycle that will provide us with many opportunities for emotional exploration and consciousness-raising.

Look to the house occupied by Taurus in your birth chart for clues as to what is being cleared out (eclipsed) and what is coming in.

Now let’s turn our gaze to the Sun. The Sun is currently traveling through Scorpio III (Third and last Decan of Scorpio). This decan is ruled by Venus (Chaldean). Venus is in detriment in this Mars-ruled sign. Venus here represents “flawed” beauty.

Not all beauty is luminous and bright. There is dark beauty. There is beauty in liminal, in-between spaces. There is beauty in decay and death. Think of the great works of art that originated from the darkest wounding (Van Gogh, Tracy Emin, Louis Wain etc). This is beauty that has suffered but succeeds in finding its way out of the depths and into form. When the Sun travels through this decan, beauty lurks in the blemished, the broken, the imperfect and the putrid.

This is how the Picatrix describes this decan:

There rises in the third face of Scorpio a horse and a rabbit. This is the face of evil works and flavours, and forcing sex upon unwilling women. This is it’s form.

Some keywords for this decan include: debauchery, drunkenness, obsession, sorcery and regret.

As I’m sure you can tell from the above, while the Sun travels through this decan, generally speaking, it’s a good idea to lie low and focus on spiritual needs and healing psychological wounds.

Recommended actions from now until November 22nd,

  • Attend to your spiritual needs

  • Focus on sobriety

  • Practice protection magick

  • Rediscover beauty in imperfection

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 7 of Cups. If you own a Rider Waite pack, remove this card from the pack and reflect on its imagery and meaning.

The Angels of this decan are: Asaliah & Mihael

The corresponding majors are The Empress (Venus) and Death (Scorpio).

7 of cups corresponds with the third decan of Scorpio
7 of Cups

Rachel Pollock describes the 7 of Cups as follows:

Emotion and imagination can produce wonderful visions, but without a grounding in both action and the outer realities of life these fantastic images remain daydreams, “fancies ‘ without real meaning and value.

This card to me is indicative of choice. You don't have to fill all those cups with desires. Most of those desires will be false desires arising from an unconscious need to please or fit in. Settle on one true desire and choose ONE imaginative outcome. Pick up the guitar or the paintbrush or the pen and give form to a vision.

In alchemy, this decan is associated with the process of fermentation which can be compared to what St John of the Cross referred to as “the dark night of the soul”. What happens during this process of fermentation is old and familiar motivations fall flat. This includes sensory stimulants and food. You may find food that you normally love doesn’t taste so great anymore or you lose your appetite suddenly and inexplicably and certain smells start irritating you. It’s a period of creeping apathy and you can tell you’re going through this process when you find everything tedious and predictable or impossible to follow (movie plots, certain conversations etc). You help yourself during periods of fermentation by willingly going through a period of sensory darkness. Take a break from anything difficult or deep. Sit in silence as much as you can, not as spiritual practice but out of necessity.


Eclipses are about spiritual transformation. This lunar eclipse in Taurus, asks that we give form to a spiritual or psychological need. This is not about seeing with our physical eyes, it’s about inward looking. Describe your inner landscape. What has turned to dust and stone? What is polluting your inner landscape? What so-called flaw adds to your beauty?