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Magick in Your Chart

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

One of the questions that has come up a lot is “can you see from my chart if I am a witch/medium/mystic/psychic/astrologer?” so this is a post on the planets and birth chart positions that show magickal and other so-called supernatural abilities.

A few things before we dive in…

A reminder that we are all super-naturally and uniquely gifted. Some see ghosts, others are energy sensitive, some see auras, others interpret dreams and some of us are highly intuitive...All of these are gifts and the planets in your birth chart reveal what they are.

Also you should know I use the word “witch” in this post and in all my writings to mean people who identify as healers, midwives/nurses, diviners and priests/priestesses.


it's also worth mentioning that in most cases your blood lineage will reveal your gift. If you come from a family of witches and mediums then usually -but not always - the gift is passed on and you don’t need your birth chart to confirm this. However if you don’t know much, if anything, about your ancestors, or your parents and grandparents chose to hide their gifts for fear of judgment and persecution then yes, astrology can help you discover your talents.

Lastly, I am only concentrating on the planets in this post so if you don’t have any of the below mentioned placements, please note asteroids like Lilith, Vesta and Hekate also reveal magickal abilities.

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The Sun

The Sun rules not only our ego but also our cosmic energy. Sun in the 8th house is a strong indication of someone who is born a witch/witch doctor/shaman. You are deeply interested in the occult and the mysteries of life. Look for connections to any of the following planets for further clues as to the specifics of your gift.

The Sun in the 12th house is also indicative of someone with "secret" abilities and if the Sun connects with Pluto can indicate mediumship abilities.


The Moon has always been associated with magick and psychic powers. An entire book can be written about the Moon’s sign position and the corresponding gift. For example Moon in Virgo can mean you’re a Green Witch (herbalist, folk healer) and /or a Priestess of the Goddess. Moon in Cancer can mean you’re a Kitchen Witch.

If your Moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) you are highly intuitive and if your Moon connects to Neptune, probably psychic/clairvoyant. Many witches are born with Luna in the 12th house. And I have personally seen this signature run in families. The 12th house is associated with secret and hidden things and William Lilly (Christian Astrology) refers to it as the House of Witches.

If your Moon is in a fire sign you are a powerful creator and have to watch your thoughts!


Neptune is associated with spirituality and magick, extra-sensory perception and mysticism. Neptune is the doorway to other realms. If you have a strong Neptune signature, Neptune conjunct your Ascendant, IC or MC, Neptune in any of the water signs or in a favourable aspect to your Sun or Moon, you probably collect and work with crystals, astral travel and commune with spirits and divine beings.

You are attracted to or practice:

  • Astrology

  • Tarot

  • Palmistry

  • Ceremonial Magick


Uranus is the planet associated with innovation and future-thinking and unsurprisingly features strongly in the chart of eccentrics and progressive thinkers. It also shows up for astrologers and psychics. If you have Uranus at home in it’s sign of Aquarius, or in the 9th house, exalted in Scorpio or conjunct your Ascendant/ MC or most of your personal planets in Aquarius then you are probably an astrologer or very interested in Astrology.


Pluto is the planet associated with the underworld. If you have Pluto in the 8th house or in Scorpio you are undoubtedly interested in the occult and reincarnation and death does not scare you. Possible careers include death doula, past- life regression therapist, shadow worker and depth psychologist .

Pluto conjunct, sextile or trine the Moon and/or Neptune can indicate an ability to communicate with the dead (mediumship).

Now over to you,

Do you have any of these placements and what are your magical abilities?



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