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Mars In Aries

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Mars rode into Aries yesterday (June 27th). In Aries, Mars practices jujitsu, paints in red, runs with wolves, and leads a protest movement.

He ignites ambition, stimulates desire, and inflames passions.

Mars brings out The Warrior, The Leader, and The Activist. He urges us to go after what we want and to fight for what we believe in but ….Mercury is sipping margaritas in a beach bar in sunny Oaxaca until July 12th.

Even at the best of times Mars and Mercury are rarely in agreement but from now until early August they’re not even on speaking terms. I’ve already lost count of how many posts I’ve read on social media this weekend that start with “my heart is words were misconstrued…”

This is not the time to have deep conversations that require space and an open-armed willingness to learn. If you have a pulse, you’re trying your best to manage an army of feelings at the moment that range from sadness to blind rage. We're all pissed off and confused and sad and If you remember this going forward you may very well come out on the other side of 2020, intact.

Mars is in Aries for six months and for part of his stay he will be moving retrograde which I will cover in another post. For now, Mars is direct but Venus (direct in Gemini) is still in the process of integrating the lessons of the last five weeks.

Continue to do the good work of educating yourself and others on issues of racism, LGBTQ rights, cultural appropriation, etc but do so with as much empathy and patience you can muster at this time.

For you personally...

Mars in Aries will initiate activity in the house in which Aries falls in your birth chart. Mars reveals the way you expend your energy including your sex drive, your ambitions, and what you are willing to fight for.

For example, Mars transiting your 1st house will prompt you to make changes to your appearance, help you become more assertive but will also bring headaches and increase the risk of injury to your head and accidents (be careful with sharp tools, knives and around fire).

How to thrive during this transit

In the story of La Loba (the she-wolf), Clarissa Pinkola-Estes reminds us that “within us, there are the soul bones of Wild Woman. Within us is the potential to be fleshed out again as the creature we once were. Within us are the bones to change ourselves and our world.”

“The wolf-woman Self must have the freedom to move, to speak, to be angry and to create.”

With so many planets retrograde, but especially Mercury who in Cancer is revisiting ancestral ground and buried feelings, don’t be tempted to find a container for your feelings. Choose instead to sit with your unease and discomfort. Allow your feelings to develop. Help them flesh out your bones and bring about much-needed change.


Here are general horoscopes for Mars in Aries for each Sun Sign (and Rising Sign if you know it). Again, it is best if you have a copy of your birth chart and know which house Aries will transit.

Aries (or 1st House)

Mars is filling you up with courageous fire and a spirit of enterprise! You are ready to start something new or pursue a goal. Make sure you don’t confuse confidence with belligerence or assertiveness with aggression while Mars travels through his home sign. If you suffer from migraines take the necessary precautions and don’t take unnecessary risks with sharp tools including kitchen knives.

Taurus (or 12th House)

Mars will help you start a spiritual practice or motivate you to take better care of yourself. You may also return to school or study something new. Your feet will be vulnerable to injury from now until January 2021.

Gemini (or 11th House)

Mars will encourage you to make new friends and/or join new groups or start your own group (maybe an online FB Group?). With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde until July 12th make sure you are attracting attention for all the right reasons. Mars will also give you the green light to go after a cherished goal at this time. Sensitive body parts during Mars’ transit will be your ankles, calves, shins, and circulatory system.

Cancer (or 10th House)

Mars will help you make progress on the career front. Mid-July (after Mercury retrograde ends) to early September will be your time to shine. Apply for that job or promotion or if you’re self-employed put yourself out there! Sensitive body parts during Mars’ transit will be knees, bones, and teeth.

Leo (or 9th House)

Mars will encourage you to teach or to continue with your education. You will also feel motivated to pursue a new philosophical or spiritual path or perhaps travel overseas. If you are hoping to travel overseas please try to do so before September (Mars will retrograde in September). Sensitive body parts at this time will be your thighs, hips, and sciatic nerve.

Virgo (or 8th House)

Mars will initiate a new financial plan or encourage you to apply for a loan. Your sex drive will be high so you may want to invest in some sexy lingerie! Occult subjects like astrology and tarot will appeal to you and Mars will help you explore them further. Sensitive body parts at this time will be the genital area.

Libra (or 7th House)

Mars will drive your ambition to partner up so you may be thinking of committing to someone (business or personal) or you will be actively pursuing a love interest. However Mars is not interested in unity, he is far more interested in winning. Winning someone's affection, winning arguments etc. Be aware of your intentions but also watch your tone etc. If you are in a committed relationship these are challenging times. Sensitive body parts at this time: kidneys, lumbar region, buttocks.

Scorpio (or 6th House)

Mars is transiting your house of work and health. You will probably look for and get a new job or receive a promotion at this time. If you've been wanting assistance for example with a project or your work, you will hire someone at this time. Pay extra attention to your health during Mars’ transit (27 June - 6 Jan 2021) especially your digestive system but any underlying issues may “flare-up” at this time.

Sagittarius (or 5th House)

Mars is transiting your fifth house of children and creativity. You may find yourself banging heads with your children over the next six months but especially later in the year. Mars will bless you with the drive and stamina you need to initiate any creative projects you’ve been thinking about. Wait until Mercury is direct again after July 12th for the best results. Pay extra attention to your heart, spinal column, and back during this transit.

Capricorn (or 4th House)

Mars will help you get started on any home-based projects. This could be anything from setting up a home office to renovating your basement. Be aware though that any arguments at this time will center around your “home and family”. You will be wanting your own space to help you fulfill your ambitions. Pay extra attention to your breasts, chest, and stomach during this transit.

Aquarius (or 3rd House)

Mars will drive communications so if you’ve been wanting to write a book or send a proposal you will find the energy you require to complete these endeavors. You may also feel inspired to travel more (short distances) but do so before Mars goes retrograde on September 9th. Pay extra attention to your nervous system. If you suffer from anxiety, Mars transiting your 3rd house will unfortunately exacerbate or increase nervous tension. Make sure you have an anxiety treatment plan in place, like daily meditation, therapy etc.

Pisces (or 2nd House)

Mars is firing up your ambition and will help you earn more money! So watch out for a promotion or new job offer or work opportunity. Pay extra attention at this time to your neck and throat area during this transit.




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