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Mars in Cancer

Mars has entered Cancer (April 23) where he is said to be in his “Fall”. A planet in the sign of their “Fall” struggles to express it’s true nature. It is believed that Mars, The Warrior, has a tough time doing what he does best in watery Cancer, the sign of The Nurturer.

As someone with Mars in Cancer I can tell you that this is one of the most misunderstood placements in a natal chart.

Here’s why:

Mars’ purpose is to acquire, defend and protect. He tends to do so with weapons that cut and burn. Because most of us don’t actually walk around brandishing fire-breathing weapons and swords (Thank Goddess) we activate Mars with our actions and words.

In Cancer, a deep feeling sign that lives for family and food (in that order) Mars takes on the role of protector. In Cancer, Mars does not tolerate any threats perceived or otherwise, to his family and source of nourishment. (Basic nees for survival like shelter and food are emphasized when Mars is in Cancer). Here Mars attacks - with sharpened tongue and poisoned tea - anyone and anything that threatens the wellbeing of the family.

This placement in the natal chart shows someone who is slow to anger but most unpleasant and extremely dangerous when crossed or betrayed.

During this transit, we will all feel a little more defensive than usual and more protective of our family (not necessarily blood lineage). While for many of us this is still not possible because of COVID, we will definitely feel the urge to gather and assemble. We will want to gather around dining tables and fires, share stories and eat delicious food. We will be inspired to either start or preserve a family tradition. It’s not because Mars is good at bringing people together (Venus does a better job) but because in Cancer, Mars realizes the power of ohana (family) - an indestructible bond of shared values and traditions. Mars likes to be on the winning side.

Use this transit to embrace “Mama Bear” energy, bond with family members, try out new recipes (Mars = BBQ) and nourish your body with good food.




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