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Mars in Gemini

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Mars in Gemini kindles curiosity. Mars in Gemini ignites conversation. Mars in Gemini burns through ideas.

Mars’ will be in Gemini from August 20th to 25 March, 2023. This is an unusually long and extended stay due to a retrograde that begins in October. To understand this transit let us consider the territory.

Gemini, the sign of the twins is Mutable Air . Ruled by quicksilver Mercury, Gemini is the sign of learning, exploring your immediate environment and communication.

Mars as a constructive force intensifies. So expect an all-consuming passion for the topics activated by Gemini's position in your natal chart.

A less constructive function of Mars is division - as in causing conflict and strife. With Mars in the sign of communication, words become our weapons.

Another thing to be aware of is defensiveness which should not be confused with being protective. Defensiveness is a feeling that is elicited when you feel you are being attacked. And that is going to come up a lot during this transit.

In Gemini, Mars' dominating (irrational) thought is:

Who does he/she/they think they are telling me what to think?

Mars will fight for your right to THINK and to have thoughts on …well, everything. And then fight for your right to change your mind.

Mars is trine Saturn in Aquarius throughout this transit which is an invitation to cut through the noise in order to get mentally and physically organized for what is to come when Pluto moves into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces in March 2023.

Quick horoscopes (read for your RISING sign)...

Mars is going to ramp up the excitement factor wherever Gemini falls in your natal chart.

If you are a GEMINI RISING

Gemini is your 1st House

You shed skin in the pursuit of liberation. You free yourself from the need to seek permission from outside forces and learn to trust your inner wisdom. You find the courage to stop blindly following spoken or unspoken rules that prevent you from taking up space. You cut through the noise and find your fierce.


Gemini is your 12H

A powerful time for cutting the psychic ties to people from your past and finally resolving unfinished business with your parents or ancestors. Ghosts are laid to rest. Mars assists - with Mercury - in border-crossing between worlds. Messages come in dreams. You dance with your shadow. Learning comes in the dark.


Gemini is your 11H

The word “weird” comes from the Old English word wyrd for destiny. Own your weird. You may meet your destiny in the shape of a person or a place or a tree with arms stretched wide. The next seven months are about finding where you belong in the new world. Let curiosity be your guide.


Gemini is your 10H

A very busy seven months punctuated by moments of chaos and confusion. Use this time during Mercury’s transit through Virgo (you have until the 27th) to get organized. Clarity may be hard to achieve during Mars’ long transit as you will be juggling several roles but you will have the energy to accomplish important goals.


Gemini is your 9H

A time of cutting through veils - historical, societal - in order to perceive relations between human and nonhuman. Mars opens doorways to knowledge found in different spiritual traditions. You learn through reflection but also through discussion with people from different cultures. A time for maintaining psychological-spiritual boundaries for those who have found their tradition.


Gemini is your 8H

A time for discovering or re-discovering the erotic power of your body. Be more like the serpent that reads the environment with her tongue. Embrace alternative methods of learning. Say yes to being spiritual and sexual at the same time. Dig into your biological root systems. Open a channel between the worlds. Learn from your ancestors.


Gemini is your 7H

Cut through the superfluous in your most important relationships. Learn to ask for support. And, in turn, give support without resorting to control. Remember, support is not support if you are supporting your own agenda or your idealized version of the “other”.


Gemini is 6H

It begins with acceptance. Accept the things you cannot change and then change those things - rituals, habits primarily - that you can. Then, give yourself permission to move. Then move to another job or another desk or a sit spot by the river. Then flourish by cutting through the extraneous.


Gemini is your 5H

You burn with passion for sunrises and sunsets. You run hot fingers down your lover's body. You worship at the altar of bearded lichen and paper-thin poppies. Your hair is moss tangled. You speak Elk. You carry a child. Your tools include bone, clay, body, feather, pen, paintbrush, needle and spindle. Art is your fuel.


Gemini is your 4H

Memory - the power of what lies in the past - is your weapon. Choose to use it for good. Choose to bless your home with it. You may purchase a new home or sell up and move away. You may abandon traditional coming of age rituals or choose to create new ones.


Gemini is your 3H

Mars will motivate you to get stronger and fitter. Use your voice as a catalyst for change. Drum out fear. Ring the bell. Your siblings, cousins and neighbors may be sources of inspiration over the next seven months but there is also the possibility of conflict with those in your community.


Gemini is your 2H

You fight for fair compensation. You fight for recognition and in doing so get what you want but what you want may not necessarily be what you need. Mars asks you to separate poppy seeds from the dirt pile. During this transit you acquire life-giving values.



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