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Mars in Libra

Mars enters Libra this week on the 14th of September at 5:14 pm PDT, where he will stay until the 30th of October. Venus-ruled Libra, is charming, harmony-loving and fair-minded. To say, Mars has a hard time struggling to adapt to a terrain of heart emojis would be an understatement.

Whenever a planet finds themselves in the floating gardens of Libra, they are compelled by Venus to move closer toward an ideal that will bring in more beauty and/or equilibrium. Not such an easy task when you’re Mars and you’re used to dividing and conquering. In Libra, stripped of all physical weapons, Mars can only use his mental faculties to attain his goals.

Libra is interested in ethics and establishing relationships. When Mars is on his best behaviour in Libra, he fights hard to uphold codes of behaviour and maintain relationships, when he is not on his best behaviour, he goes from being refined and protective to manipulative and cruel.

Look to the house in which you find Libra in your birth chart for clues as to what area of your life Mars is going to attempt to harmonize.

Quick horoscopes for your Sun sign/ Ascendant/Rising Sign and House placement.

Libra/1st House

Mars will bless you with drive to accomplish your goals, boosting your confidence and courage. You may commit to a cause close to your heart at this time. However be aware that other people will likely see you as a threat or a trouble-maker during this transit. You will be on other people’s radar.

Scorpio/12th House

Mars will assist you in finding and protecting moments of rest and introspection. This is a good time to focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sagittarius/11th House

Mars will give you the energy and motivation to seek out others who share your ideals or values. However, keep your focus on networking and companionship and not on leadership at this time.

Capricorn/10th House

Mars will help you pursue your career goals with gusto and you could achieve an important goal like a new job or a promotion. However this transit can also bring trouble from authority figures, parents or higher-ups.

Aquarius/9th House

Mars will help you start that new course or push you to buy that plane ticket. Excellent time to learn something new. Shake up your routine to avoid feeling stifled or bored.

Pisces/8th House

Mars is making you more intense and passionate about something or someone at this time. You are in the mood to uncover secrets and explore the unknown. Watch that you don’t get into disputes over money/inheritance or into a power struggle!

Aries/7th House

Mars is going to help you compromise in your relationships or at least attempt to teach you the importance of compromise in maintaining healthy relationships. If you’re single you’re feeling the urge to mingle or commit to that someone special.

Taurus/6th House

Excellent time to commit to a health/exercise regimen. Mars is blessing you with increased stamina and endurance. However, issues may crop up in the workplace. You will also be more prone to injury.

Gemini/5th House

Mars is going to help you have more fun, romantically and socially. If you have children they will be the source of your joy over the next five weeks. You may have a hard time concentrating on duties either at work or home. Great time to start a creative project.

Cancer/4th House

You probably won’t be feeling like socializing much during this transit and are ready to hibernate. Your family will require more of your attention as misunderstandings may arise on the homefront.

Leo/3rd House

Mars is going to pack your schedule and you’ll be busier than ever. You will also be communicating more openly. However, do be aware that during this transit there is a strong possibility that something you say will be misinterpreted, possibly by a sibling, coursin or neighbour.

Virgo/2nd House

Mars is going to help you get more clients, increase your income and/or attain a greater sense of self worth. You may start a new job, get a side gig or make a sale. You will be more defensive than usual about your beliefs and may attract unwanted criticism.




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