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Mars in Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio 30 October, 2021 at 7:21am PT, 10:21am ET. In Scorpio, Mars is extremely powerful.

Why “extremely powerful”?

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Fixed signs “fixate” on things… and people. Water signs are emotional. So Mars can get a bit obsessive - there’s a concentration of energy here that we can use to get things done. A strong pull to assert ourselves in the material world. If, like me, you struggled with motivation when Mars travelled through Libra, that is about to change. I keep seeing a vision of a racing horse exploding out of the gate.

Anyway, whatever Mars’ latches onto during his transit through Scorpio is what is going to eat up your waking hours through November, so choose your obsession wisely. For clues, check which house is occupied by Scorpio in your natal chart. If it’s your 2nd house, you’ll have money on the brain and how to make more of it, if it’s your 6th house you’ll be working overtime and/or getting back on the treadmill…

Mars in Scorpio is ambitious and determined to prove his prowess (in and outside the bedroom). While we all want to feel like we matter and we’re important, this need is emphasized now. Watch that you don’t overcompensate for unconscious feelings of guilt or inadequacy.

Your mantra this coming month: I am enough.

Mars will help you with the following while in Scorpio:

  • Heightened powers of concentration

  • Increased stamina

  • Self-control

Mars will make several aspects while in Scorpio, the most important of which include a square to Saturn and Jupiter (currently applying) and an eclipse and Uranus opposition in Taurus.

Mars will be stronger than Saturn so expect the oppressed to rise up against the privileged elite. It’s going to be a tumultuous month. When Mercury joins Mars on November 10th, a bit of news or information (that was probably purposefully withheld from you) will come to light. This could lead to conflict. On the world stage, I expect November 10th will be a day to watch (secrets exposed).

I will write a longer post on the upcoming eclipse but for now, know that the Cosmos is asking us to work on the following themes (ie. Taurus-Scorpio axis) generation vs regeneration, visible vs invisible and attachment vs detachment.

  • What are you creating or what are you wanting to create?

  • What is asking to be made visible?

  • What are you attached to (your anxiety or perfectionism? A person? An unrealistic ideal?) and are you ready to detach?