• Yolanda McAdam

Mars in Taurus

Mars leaves his home sign of Aries today (6 January) where he was free to challenge, strategize, initiate and alter the landscape with fire, to Venus-ruled Taurus where he is said to be in detriment.

Taurus, a fixed sign, seeks to secure and preserve. Taureans want to conserve and “keep safe” the people and things dear to them. No longer the Fire-Starter or initiating force, Mars is now The Defender, willing to fight for what already exists. While this may sound very noble it’s problematic if the things we are defending have run their course - like belief systems or relationships. Mars in Taurus is potentially more dangerous and more violent because while Mars is slower to react in Taurus, once rage is ignited it perseveres.

Try This:

Ask yourself:

What am I holding onto and defending that is no longer deserving of my energy? What am I putting up with because I want to “preserve the peace” or maintain the status quo.