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Mars Out Of Bounds

If you play or watch a lot of sports you will have heard the term “out of bounds”. In sport if a player is “out of bounds” the player or the ball has moved beyond the established boundaries.

In astrology, planets are the players. When a planet is said to be out of bounds then that planet has strayed beyond the Sun’s maximum declination.

The Sun covers and “regulates” the area that reaches a maximum declination of approximately 23º 26’ on both sides of the celestial equator (North and South). The planets mostly travel within this area but occasionally they chase the ball out of the celestial park.

An OOB (out of bounds) planet behaves in an unconventional and unrestricted way. In other words, the planet is aware that they’re no longer subject to any rules or limitations.

Our friend Mars, is out of bounds from January 12 to February 10, 2022.

During this time events may compel us to behave in an assertive or courageous way. It may also give rise to aggressive and militant behaviour.

When Mars is OOB many of us will be like empty kettles on a hot plate. We’re going to be hot and bothered if we don’t find a healthy outlet for all that newfound passion and freedom.

Remember, Mercury will also be retrograde for most of this period and as we know, Mercury Rx confuses, disrupts and impacts communication and technology. And, the planet of love and relationships, Venus is also retrograde until January 29, 2022. So as you can see, a lot could go wrong if we choose to run around with Mars lighting firecrackers.

The best way to navigate this period is to channel your restlessness and energy into projects that are meaningful to you and through exercise and/or sport. This is not the time to go blazing into the world. Avoid doing anything on an impulse as there is a chance you will regret it for some time to come.

If there are developments in your life at this time, let them come to you without force and don't push your way into or out of things. Wait. Let Mars keep the fires burning on the inside.