• Yolanda McAdam

Mars Remediation

Updated: Jun 1

I've been dreading the current Mars in Aries transit because Mars is square my natal Moon. Mars/Moon transits can be challenging and the square is characterized by emotional upheaval and increased intensity (aka Drama) as well as fevers and inflammation. I’m also currently in an Aries profection year which means Mars is my Time Lord (a Time Lord is a planet that is activated for a specific time).

The last time Mars was my Time Lord, I accomplished one of my top 5 life goals (thanks to Mars’ drive!) but I also lost friends and I was maligned by a jealous person who viewed me as her competitor. So yes, I am cautiously optimistic about the year ahead.

Mars tends to behave in less than rational ways and always in an individualistic manner, which is why he is most powerful and “at home” in Aries which is the sign of “I”, “The Ego”, The Individual and Impulse. His vitality is checked in Taurus and Libra because in Taurus he has to slow down in order to approach things deliberately and methodically and in Libra he is forced to consider aesthetics and appearances. In Cancer he is in fall because there he is hampered by emotions. Practical considerations, personal values and feelings slow him down.

Mars will retrograde from September 9 to November 13 and in that time you can expect Mars to kick up a fuss and pick at scabs. In a square to Pluto, Mars, the younger god, will flex his muscles and show his ninja moves. Pressure is building up. Someone may be pushing your buttons at this time or you may be feeling the pressure to act in some way to achieve dominance. You or people around you may be coming across as confrontational and/or unreasonable. You may find yourself living - qu