• Yolanda McAdam

Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde 2020
Horses, Mars-ruled

The planet of desire and drive turns retrograde today and for the next two months most of us will be trying our best to work through feelings of sluggishness and frustration.

Mars is at home in Aries. Here he is free to develop all his qualities - good and bad - to their fullest extent. When Mars moved into Aries in late June, he “fired us up” and encouraged us to go after what we desire most; freedom, love, peace, status…If you used the last two months to do things that make your heart sing, you have honoured Mars.

Imagine for a moment the planets as crew members aboard a glittering ship. Mars would be the captain because Mars wants each and every one of us to claim our destiny. Destiny is not something we wait for, it’s something we work towards but destiny is rarely a clearly laid path or a storm-free route. It often entails stopping long enough to look back in order to move forward. This is what retrograde periods are all about.

Now in retrograde until November 13th, Mars calls for careful consideration, bold clarity and calculated precision. Do you still want what you thought you wanted? If so, what needs to happen and how are you going to make it happen?