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Mars Retrograde square Pluto & Mercury in Scorpio

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I woke up this morning thinking about keys. In a sequence of dreams, all of which were incredibly vivid, I held in my right hand a small golden key, the kind of ornate key that is used to open a treasure chest or a centuries old curio cabinet. Upon reflection I realized that the key is the most apt symbol for the current astrology.

The Moon in curious Gemini (until the 9th) answers to Mercury in Scorpio who is enjoying exposing secrets and getting to the bottom of things. Scorpio is the sign in which contents from the unconscious are brought to the surface to be chewed over and assimilated. Because Scorpio is a water sign, feelings play a crucial role in the assimilation process so what we have here is an invitation to look inward, to be an emotionally activated investigator looking for hidden keys of knowledge.

Meanwhile Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio is squaring off against Pluto, the modern ruler or Scorpio. The square will be exact on the 9th (Oct). Pluto is the planet of among others things, transformation, power and control and he spends approximately six months of every year retrograde. For the last six months while Pluto retraced his cosmic path we have alternated between feelings of “stuckness” and fear as things beyond our control resulted in massive change. Both these planets are in cardinal signs and while Mars is still retrograde what we can expect with Pluto’s switch is movement; a push forward. If you’ve been feeling held back not so much by what’s been happening in the world, but by a sense that you lack power or authority over your own life, you’ll now mobilize the courage to live your truth.

Our dilemmas are never about what we think they’re about. For example: not wanting to finish your education because you “don’t want to write more papers” is not about writing papers but a fear of criticism or fear of losing the approval of others or even of growing up and becoming a bigger version of yourself. This astrology speaks to identifying adaptive and reflexive behaviour that prevent us from growth and from embodying our curiosity and gifts.

Journal question:

“What within me stands in the way of embodying my curiosity, talents and gifts?”