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Mars square Saturn: Slow Down and Pay Attention

Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn yesterday and with scythe on the ready squares volatile Mars retrograde today. This is explosive and heavy astrology so you may be feeling despondent, lethargic or overwhelmed.This isn’t Mars’ first dangerous encounter with powerful Saturn this year which had me reflect on this configuration over the weekend.

I wondered: what is the additional cosmic call here beside the obvious "try your best not to behave in an irrational, incendiary and impulsive manner"? One word kept coming up - courage.

Mars is both brave and courageous and it’s important we reflect a little on the difference between the two words.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you and originates from the French word coeur for heart. Bravery on the other hand stems from the Italian word “bravo” which once upon a time meant “wild, savage”. So if you’re brave, you tend to leap off bridges without a second’s thought. If you act with courage then you’re moved to do so despite your fear.

So what does courage look like?

Courage asks that we surrender what we can’t control. Courage asks that we stay tender when we want to harden and courage looks like staying the course when it feels like we're climbing a mountain with no peak in sight.

This is Mars’ call and also Saturn’s. Saturn asks for discernment during this time of unprecedented challenges. How are you spending your days? What are you fighting for? Who are you giving your precious attention to? What depletes you?

“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour and that one is what we are doing.” - Annie Dillard

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury sailed into Scorpio’s deep canals on the 27th. In Scorpio, Mercury doesn’t do “polite small talk” or “light-hearted banter” because Scorpio is the sign of the Investigator and the Shaman. Here Mercury wants to speak, read and hear words that pierce the soul and shatter illusions. Mercury in Scorpio, exposes and reveals the truth. Anyone in the public eye wanting to keep a proverbial skeleton hidden is going to have a hard time keeping the closet door shut.

Mars loves Venus

In closing, there is some much-needed sweetness this week, thanks to a passionate aspect between Venus in Leo and Mars in Aries (trine). If you are in a relationship you may be enjoying each other’s company more than usual or the spark has most definitely been reignited. Certainly the promise of chocolate-covered strawberries and other fun surprises hovers with Cupid nearby. If you’re not attached, you may attract someone new into your life at this time.