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Mars, Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

Today, Mars, Venus and Pluto meet up in Capricorn (3/3/22). This is more like a boardroom meeting than a lunch date and it’s reflected clearly by current world affairs. Venus wants to mediate. She wants to wave that white flag but she’s dealing with two fire planets. One is the God of War, the other the God of Death.

However, I want to concentrate on what this means for you on a personal level. Venus is carrying a fire extinguisher because who knows what will happen today because we’re all a little more sensitive than usual, with the Moon still traveling through Pisces.

Since last week all you’ve been thinking about is war and on a deeper level, power or the lack thereof, and this is because the current astrology is so similar to the astrology of WWII. Hitler rose to power while Uranus was transiting through Taurus. And Uranus will be in Taurus until April, 2026.

So there are karmic forces at work. And Memory. And what is Capricorn but the sign that reminds us of ancestral debts and inherited baggage?

We remember the horror.

And then, there's the grief.

So we all have a lot of feelings about things.

We are all grieving. Because...

we're mourning the loss of loved ones

lifestyle changes brought about by the pandemic

ecological blindness



and because a part of us has died and we have undergone a psychological death or are in the process of being “cooked” and transformed from the inside out like the chickpea who was thrown into boiling water in Rumi’s poem.

Whenever Pluto enters the cosmic frame, we have to work through themes of death, renewal and power. Pluto has strong links to the Moon, because the Moon is associated with our subconscious processes. The Moon currently in Pisces is unable to ground herself in the Piscean ocean. There’s a lot of emotion and compassion but also Neptunian confusion, idealism and fantasy.

Today's energy ignites creative self-expression. Great if you're an artist or mystic. Another good way to work through today’s energy is to experience physical release. Exercise. A long walk. Hard labour.

Lastly, spend a few minutes reflecting on what personal power means to you. Mars would like you to think personal power is a loud and visible presence, assertive and forceful, but Pluto reminds us that true power is often quiet and rooted in your own sense of being.




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