• Yolanda McAdam

May - The Month Ahead

The Cosmos offers us a respite - a timeout - this month from our state of suspension. After months of confinement, we will venture out to smell the washed-out air and gaze upon reclaimed earth. Some of us will return to work and a few more planes will cross the sky but nothing will be the same again.

With three planets about to retrograde and Pluto - god of endings and transformation - already in retrograde motion, we can be sure that any attempts at “normalcy” will be short-lived. The next few months highlight slow starts and reversals. Worldwide lockdowns will continue. On a personal level, Pluto retrograde will traverse scorched terrain. Memories of abuse or unresolved bullying may surface at this time.

On May 11th, Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius, re-emphasizing the need to maintain boundaries and stay home. On the same day, Mercury glides into his home sign of Gemini, and we will be chatty and possibly gossipy. Stick to the facts.

Venus will retrograde in Gemini on May 13th, encouraging us to reevaluate our values and relationships and Jupiter will retrograde in Capricorn May 14th, reminding us to conserve resources.