• Yolanda McAdam

Mercury and Venus in Libra

Mercury spends about two years in retrograde in the same element. Tonight he moves from Scorpio into Libra and his sequence in Air signs begins. During Mercury’s retrograde periods in the water signs, we were invited to explore our inner depths and motivations, in the Air signs our focus shifts to communication and the sharing of ideas. In Libra specifically, Mercury shines a spotlight on others.

Here we are encouraged to listen and give feedback when it is asked for. Remember Libra is the sign of harmony and while it is rarely if ever a good time to give unsolicited advice you don’t want to be dishing it out while Mercury is retrograde (and Mars retrograde). Offer feedback only if it is requested.

Relationship issues may flare up or have already while Mercury was addressing patterns of inner destructiveness, abuse and wounding. In Scorpio, Mercury has been digging up secrets but also hidden treasure.

Mercury moves into Libra minutes before Venus does at 8:40pm (MT), which is a cue to the importance of communication in healing and building relationships.