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Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is exalted (super comfortable) in Aquarius and will be on an extended visit (8 January - 15 March) because he turns retrograde on January 31st.

Aquarius is a cool and detached sign which means that during this transit we may find it easier to separate emotions from facts. This is also a “mind-expanding” transit because we will be attraced to unconventional people and more open to new ideas and concepts.

However there is the very real possibility of fixity of thinking; of holding on and defending our opinions. This is because Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed signs aren’t known for changing their minds with ease. This need to defend our beliefs is further emphasized by Mercury challenging Mars in Taurus. Realize that resistance to change is rooted in fear. You may harbor a real fear of being “cast out” of the tribe or of being seen as a nonconformist or as someone Other. Mercury in Aquarius is an invitation to find our tribe.

Mercury in Aquarius Transit Medicine

  • Listen more.

  • Experiment with colour, paint, words…

  • Read biographies or watch documentaries on nonconformists like David Bowie.

  • Learn from people who inspire and intrigue you.