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Mercury in Cancer

Mercury has sailed into Cancer today (5 July, 2022).

Mercury in Cancer is the Time Traveller.

The sepia photograph that pulls you back in time.

Mercury in Cancer is the brain’s extraordinary ability to unlock memories hidden within aromas, flavors and scents. The transportive qualities of cinnamon and vanilla and ocean air.

Mercury in Cancer is the reminder that the knowing within you takes time to unpack and unfold.

Mercury in Cancer is the therapist asking “how does this make you feel?”. And the reminder that words metabolize as bread or poison and build altars in the temple of your body.

Mercury in Cancer is the fantasy you nourish in order to make reality bearable. The cultural superstition that still binds you.

And, Mercury in Cancer is the ability to follow dendritic threads of personal memory until mythic images arise to feed your shattered soul and heal your broken heart.

Mercury in Cancer is the ability to recognize the sacred in everyday things. That first sip of coffee or tea. The breaking of bread with ancestors of Time and Place.

Mercury in Cancer is Remembrance Of Things Past. * The nostalgic trip down memory lane.



*Marcel Proust (born with Mercury in Cancer), Remembrance of Things Past.

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