• Yolanda McAdam

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury drifts Fast and Furious-like into Gemini this evening (7:49pm PT) and we can look forward to an acceleration in affairs from now until Mercury’s retrograde on May 29th. Communications will be highlighted but since Gemini energy is a little scattered make sure you’re triple-checking everything before hitting SEND.

Mercury will be in their home sign for an extended period until June 22nd, because of the retrograde. In Gemini, Mercury will make us all a little more chatty and more curious than usual. Use this transit to learn a new skill or subject. This is also a good time to get to know your neighbours and catch up with siblings. A story or project that you start now will have to be revisited in June during Mercury’s retrograde so don’t stress about getting everything “right” on your first attempt because you will realize later that information was missing or important facts were overlooked. This is a high-energy transit that will see us juggling tasks and adapting to changing circumstances in the home and office.


Now is the time to focus on learning more about yourself and how others see you.