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Mercury in Libra

Mercury is now in Libra for an extended visit (30 August - 2 November) where they join Venus. In Libra, Mercury answers to Venus and wants to gather information that helps maintain equilibrium. Check the house in your birth chart occupied by Libra for themes that will require harmonizing. For example if Libra is your 7th House, Mercury will be gathering information on your partner/s (romantic and/or business) that will assist you in making the necessary adjustments for the benefit of all.

However, if you don’t know your house placements, here is a quick general horoscope for your Sun Sign:


Mercury is traveling through your relationship sector where they will open the channels of dialogue with romantic and business partners. Important information will come to light during this transit.


Mercury in your health and routine sector will highlight ways to bring more balance to your daily routine. Any dissatisfaction with work or in the workplace will likely be given voice at this time as you will be less tolerant of distractions and waste. Your thoughts are linked to your wellbeing.


Mercury is traveling through your fun and creativity sector. Great time to share your art or other works of creativity. Communication during this time will be flirtatious and friendly. You could connect with a potential lover online.


Mercury in your home sector will highlight imbalances at home. Conversations around domestic responsibilities will come up. You may change residence or put an offer on a new home. Expect to have many conversations around the past and your ancestors.


Mercury in your communications sector is helping you connect with important people at this time who will either help promote your work or will assist you in communicating your vision and truth. Excellent time to share your work.


Mercury in your personal resources sector is aiding you in communicating your values. Excellent time to negotiate contracts (before Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th).


Mercury in your public self sector will increase your visibility and charm. You are in a powerful position now to manifest a dream.


Mercury in your hidden sector will ask you to keep a secret and to rely more on your intuition than on spoken words. Focus on your private life at this time. This is not the time for grand public gestures.


Mercury in your social sector will assist you in creating social bonds with new people. Your words are like honey at this time, drawing people to you.


Mercury in your career sector is making it easy for you to perfect the way you communicate your career goals and will also assist you in finding a great job. Excellent transit to communicate your salary expectations etc.


Mercury in your travel and education sector will reactivate an opportunity to either travel or study further (possibly both).


Mercury in your shared resources sector will assist you in drafting your will for example and having important but sensitive conversations about money. Good time to ask for a loan or buy/sell a home.




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