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Mercury in Sagittarius

Hello December!

While there is a lot happening astrologically this month, this is a relatively quiet week as is the norm between eclipses.

It’s a good idea to welcome this interlude as a time of reflection as well as attention. If Monday’s lunar eclipse (Nov 30th) connected with any of your personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars you may be trying to process an ending or you may be celebrating the arrival of or culmination of something important. Not everyone has external or “obvious” experiences immediately or soon after an eclipse but on a deeper level you can be sure that something has shifted.

A Full Moon is also a time of purging - of letting go and purifying. This lunar eclipse connected with my Venus, and my body let me know I needed to detox. Except for the one slice of apple pie yesterday (I never say no to homemade pie) I’ve been sticking to smoothies for brunch (I rarely eat anything before 10am), soup for dinner and drinking nettle and burdock tea. You too, may have felt the need to purge yourself of stuff.

This is a good week to pay attention to your dreams and to sit in meditation. The best advice I can give you for this week is Listen More Than You Speak. Most of what is communicated between eclipses comes from Spirit and is not communicated with words. Keep an eye out for symbols, signs and omens.

Mercury has moved into Sagittarius (1 Dec). In faith-driven and generous Sagittarius, Mercury is believed to be in detriment because here, Mercury has little time for facts and information that can potentially burst bubbles. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker but like all the other fire signs, is egocentric so when Mercury travels through Sagittarius, Mercury is primarily interested in information that supports our currently held belief systems. There is a dangerous inclination to skim over things.

This is a month that will find us forming opinions on a superficial level about many things. The problem with opinion, is that while we’re allowed and encouraged to have them, we should probably keep most of these opinions to ourselves this month unless we have done the hard work of learning and aligning with facts.

Use this transit (Mercury in Sagittarius) to fall down rabbit holes and let your mind roam.




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