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Mercury Retrograde

Important dates:

January 14, 2022. Mercury stations Retrograde. 10° Aquarius 20'

January 23, 2022. Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction. 03° Aquarius 22'

January 29, 2022. Retrograde Mercury conjoins Pluto. 26° Capricorn 51'.

February 4, 2022. Mercury stations Direct. 24° Capricorn 22’.

Mercury stationed retrograde14 January, 2022 while conjunct Saturn and in a tight square to Uranus.

Mercury retrograde periods announce a period of mental rest. Our minds begin to short circuit during this time. The fact that Mercury lined up with Uranus is indicative in the simplest terms of “electrical” issues. This can of course translate into actual electricity issues, but it is more likely to manifest as confusion, nervous tension and manic restlessness. We have entered this Mercury retrograde either mentally overloaded or energetically "scattered".

Over the next three weeks we are encouraged to reduce distractions and to focus on getting organized.

During this transit, Mercury meets up with Pluto three times, an indication that Mercury will act as a catalyst for reinvention or transformation. Because Mercury’s journey is primarily through Aquarius, an AIR FIXED sign, what is about to undergo a transformation is our “fixed” beliefs.

The last decan of Capricorn is also Mercury ruled, a signal that our way of thinking about things in general is about to undergo a radical transformation. The shift while primarily mental will obviously impact us in the physical plane.

Please be extra vigilant on the roads.

We can expect the usual Mercury Rx Facebook and Instagram service interruptions over the next 3+ weeks, and...

as always if you have any planets or angles in the degrees of the Mercury retrograde (24º Capricorn to 10º Aquarius) you will be hit hardest by this retrograde period. And by that I mean, you will experience frequent delays, frustration and communication breakdowns. The house through which Mercury travels will need attention. For example, if Aquarius is your 3rd House you really want to listen more and speak less. The 3rd House is also the house of transport and short trips, so you definitely don’t want to purchase a car or a new laptop during this transit.

Life of course, doesn’t stop because Mercury changes direction. If there are Mercury-ruled items that must be purchased at this time or contracts that must be signed, try to do them on a Sunday or Thursday.




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