• Yolanda McAdam

Mercury Retrograde 27 September -17 October

Since the Sun’s ingress on the 22nd into Libra, the word “superfluous” has been coming up in my daily conversations with Mercury. When dealing with the superfluous we’re having to sort through surplus “stuff”.

In Libra, Mercury is seeking balance and they do so by reorganizing what we have “too much” of and “too little” of, so that we all feel more in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. We do this by creating an environment that is pleasing and encourages interaction and relationship. Now as Mercury prepares to retrograde (27th September) what is being addressed and will continue to be addressed throughout their retrograde period are the qualities within ourselves that continue to prevent cooperation and understanding.

Because Mercury rules thinking and communication, it is the way we think about ourselves and others, as well as how we communicate that needs to be re-evaluated. If your thoughts and words are disruptive and harmful, Mercury will bring this to your attention during this retrograde period.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Note the similarity in the symbols for these planets.