• Yolanda McAdam

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury is now retrograde at 26° Aquarius and will station direct at 11° Aquarius on the 21st of February. Mercury is said to be exalted in Aquarius because here Mercury takes in multiple points of view and radical perspectives and distributes information for the greater good. In other words, Mercury does not filter information for the benefit of a select few but for the benefit of all beings.

In retrograde motion, Mercury asks us to revisit and reassess some of these “mass” or group lessons. A lot of the information we will be processing at this time will be "unusual" - as in, "not the same". Here, I am speaking of any data or knowledge gathered in a group setting or information dispersed by mass media. Important conversations will reignite around technology and privacy, privilege and power.

On a personal level, it’s worth remembering Aquarius is fixed air. This is air under pressure. So there’s the potential for outbursts and “explosions”. As with all Mercury retrogrades, you will feel “overloaded” so it’s best to limit your time on social media and be super selective about what information you take in.