• Yolanda McAdam

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

You may already be aware that Mercury has started backpedaling in Scorpio because retrograde effects are usually felt days before the actual event. I have already had to deal with what I consider my fair share of Mercury Retrograde Drama and more than a handful of people I know have been dealing with car trouble. Predictably – and I say predictably because printers are my nemeses - my 3-in-1 printer gobbled up a bunch of paper before giving up it’s ghost last week. May it rest in peace.

Mercury is retrograde from October 13th to November 3rd (2020) in Scorpio, the sign of the Investigator and the Shaman.

Here's a quick recap before we dive in...

So what is a "retrograde planet”?

A retrograde planet is not actually moving backwards across the sky. The planet only appears to move backwards from our perspective here on Earth. It’s an optical illusion. Whenever a planet turns retrograde it’s telling you that it’s time to slow down, look inside you (reassess and reflect) and tie up loose ends. What you’ll soon notice if you start keeping track of retrograde periods is that whatever is associated with the planet that is about to retrograde are the things you must “catch up on” or work on.

In this case, it's M