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Mercury Retrograde & Solar Annular Eclipse (June 21)

Mercury is retracing his steps in Cancer until July 18th. Here Mercury highlights issues of hearth and home. We are reminded that home is not only a physical structure but also a retreat and a safe center for the creative life.

You may feel compelled to redecorate or revisit abandoned household projects. Choose your words carefully and watch your tone when speaking to others but especially your mother or anyone you consider to be a mother- figure - as Cancer represents Mother.

Remember, most of us are feeling like tender shoots in a windstorm at this time. Cancer also rules feelings of patriotism, so with Mercury in retrograde, there is likely to be some so-called "anti-patriotic" behaviour as people continue to dismantle old structures and reexamine policies and beliefs.

Cancer also signifies ancestors, the past, and legacies. Let’s explore the meaning of legacy.

Legacy is usually defined as a gift of money or personal property but since Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon is associated with memory, I invite you to spend some time thinking about your contribution and how you want to be remembered. Matshone Dhliwayo said it best - we are remembered for what we give, not for what we take.

Consider: What is your offering? What is the shape, size, taste, and texture of your primary offering to your family (birth, adopted or chosen)? And, what do you intend to leave behind?

Unresolved family issues may come up at this time. And, if you have questions that need answering relating to your family of origin, now is the time to do some digging.

On Sunday, June 21st, the Sun and Moon meet up at 0 degrees Cancer to form not only a cardinal New Moon but also a Total Solar Annular Eclipse. The Moon, ruler of emotions as well as magic and other things will also be out of bounds, and with both Mercury and Venus retrograde, it’s best to abstain from any spellwork or intention-setting. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The New Moon Eclipse will take place at 4:41 am MST. The New Moon is a herald of change and new beginnings and this eclipse will potentially open new doors for you. You may change residence, get married, move somewhere new, start a new career, or get a new job.

I will write a little more about the Solstice (June 20) and what’s coming up for each sign in another post, but for now, here are a few suggestions:

☑️If you’re in a long-term relationship and have children, try to recapture some of the quality of uncomplicated togetherness. Go off an outing alone together.

☑️If you have children, give each child some special time alone with you so that each child can re-experience that pure relationship between child and mother/parent.

☑️Try to generate an abundance of good feelings by offering emotional nutrition. This means offering encouragement and giving help.

☑️Nourish yourself. Take naps, drink water, eat whole foods...



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