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Mercury Transit The Sun 11/11/19

A Mercury transit - when the planet passes the middle of the sun - occurs only 13 times in 100 years, and it's happening tomorrow!

Starting at 7:35 a.m. ET, it will take more than five hours for Mercury to pass from one side of the sun to the other.

Needless to say, this is an especially potent event astrologically.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet of charm, communication, information, intelligence, logic, negotiation, and wit. In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. Tomorrow's transit across the sun (representing your self-identity and way of being) is not only a call to elevate our minds and way of thinking but a signal on such a spiritually significant and auspicious day (11/11) that you have what it takes to manifest your highest good.

For those of us who are open to it, expect messages in the form of downloads or dreams from the higher realms. The Universe is supporting you in making positive changes to your way of being and relating to others.

Whatever comes "through" you today - feelings, impressions, ideas - write them all down.

Because Mercury is presently retrograde in the deep and watery sign of Scorpio, you are asked to dig deep. Think about your deepest needs. What have you suppressed? What needs to be healed?

A clue to your deepest and truest desires may lie in your past. Consider the dreams you abandoned because of self-doubt or haters. Think about how you have "shrunk" to please others? What keeps you small? Are your own negative thoughts holding you back or are you a people-pleaser.

This transit is an invitation to correct your thinking and way of communicating with others and the world at large.

On this day 11/11/19 watch your thoughts.

Mercury Transit Sun Ritual

Best time to do this: Morning before breakfast

Step 1: Light incense or a candle (preferably yellow as this color represents knowledge and learning)

Step 2: Take a few minutes to clear your mind. If you meditate do so for at least ten minutes before or you can pray.

Step 3: Write whatever thoughts come into your mind in your journal or notebook for at least 5 minutes. Do not stop writing for any reason. Let your pen move across the page.

Step 4: Read what you have written and highlight any words or phrases that are significant.

Step 5: Divide your writing into: MINDSET * IDEAS * GOALS/DREAMS

How much of your writing is about your current state of mind? How much about your goals for the future? What stands out for you?

Step 6: Now put your hand on your heart. Take three deep breaths. Picture yourself living your best life. What does your best life look like? What practical steps can you take starting today to get you closer to living that life?

Step 7: On a new page write "One year from today I will be ...." Write in the present tense and go into as much detail as you can.

Step 8: Read what you've written out loud.

Step 9: End your future self exercise with the following declaration: So be it. See to it.

May your wishes come true!