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Neptune Retrograde 2020

Neptune stationed retrograde today joining Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in their backward dance.

Neptune, you may recall from previous posts rules invisible things like viruses and infection so as Neptune begins the process of retracing his steps through watery Pisces we are reminded that the crowned virus is still very much with us and that those of us who choose to ignore this fact are only deceiving ourselves. Neptune likes to distort and confuse so while you should definitely continue to wear a mask and abide by the rules, you should also be aware that Neptune does agitate the imagination. And, an overactive imagination can result in hypochondriasis.

Most of us are burdened with chronic exhaustion and nervous tension. Neptune retrograde is the perfect time to ground ourselves and recalibrate. Here are a few ideas on how to create a mini-retreat at home:

  • Claim a space in your home as your sacred space for at least an hour each day. Throw some cushions on the floor or a yoga mat/rug.

  • Burn some incense. Light a candle.

  • Repeat a favourite mantra.

  • Read a poem or favourite passage from a holy book.

  • Choose a posture that feels right for you as you allow yourself to soften and release. You don’t have to sit and meditate for example. You can choose to lie down and concentrate on your breathing.

The Moon moved into spotlight-loving Leo today and immediately opposed Saturn in Aquarius. This opposition brings up fears of being restricted by other people. It also hints at the fear of criticism. Remember if you decide to show your art or share an idea and that person doesn’t like it, that feedback does not tell you anything about the quality of your work. It tells you something about the person giving the feedback.

So ask yourself: What is holding me back? While there are some very real restrictions imposed on us all during this time make sure you can tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined? Leo rules the heart and the sign of bold, life-affirming self-expression. Here the Moon asks you to own your heart’s truth and shine your light.




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