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New Moon In Aquarius

Today's New Moon at 2:41 pm (MST) (4:41 PM EST) in visionary and freedom-loving Aquarius challenges Uranus in Taurus, so expect the unexpected or the sudden opening of a new direction for you.

The energy today and over the weekend is one of breakthroughs. If you've been feeling like things are falling apart, things could, in fact, be falling together. A breakdown is just another word for a breakthrough.

Something wondrous and new is opening up for you. Welcome it!

Now let's take a closer look at the quality of this New Moon.

Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed signs are associated with process, endurance and work. This is NOT the best New Moon for action. If you need to launch an online product or send out your resume, for example, I would recommend you do so when the Moon is in Aries, January 30th.

Next up, the moon is "dark" today (called a Dark Moon). This does not make it a bad or evil moon, it just means that we can't see the moon. Luna begins "lighting up" over the weekend when it is once again illuminated by the sun. It's a good idea to rest and recuperate during a Dark Moon. If you are a Cancer or have placements in Cancer, you are more in tune with the Moon's rhythms and will be feeling "depleted" or tired today. But do note, you don't have to have any Cancer placements to feel the ebb and flow of Luna's energies.

Focus your intentions or wishes for this New Moon on the following themes:

Authenticity (being true to yourself and showing up in the world as you are)

Compassion & Altruism (Working with or helping other's less fortunate than yourself)

Change (Personal and global)


This is the perfect time of year to think about how slowing down can help you speed up. In other words, what can you do to feel more centered and more aligned with your truth and values? Remember Aquarius is a fixed sign, so what processes can you put in place or what work still has to be done for you to feel more heart-centered.

Here's what you can wish for according to your Sun Sign (and Ascendant, if you know it) during this New Moon. There is no need to rush with your intention-setting. You can write out your intentions any time this weekend or even next week when the Moon is waxing and in Pisces, then Aries.

Sample intentions:

I find myself communicating with ease and grace.
I see myself accepting an excellent offer on my house.
I find myself easily attracting and teaching groups of people.


Communication. Siblings. Short trips.


Home. Renovations. Buying/Selling of property. Self-care.


Creative self-expression. Children. Romance, Love affairs.


Your daily habits/routine. Health. Work.


Your important relationships (partner, spouse). Partnerships. Contracts.


Intimacy/Sex. Shared resources like financial investments.


Education (formal and otherwise) and long journeys.


Reputation and career.


Friends and associates. Groups. Hopes and wishes.


Spirituality. Imagination. Unconscious beliefs.


Self-identity. Assertiveness and leadership. Appearance.


Financial and emotional security.



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