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New Moon in Aquarius (11 Feb)

Tomorrow's New Moon in Aquarius (February 11th,12:05 pm MT) shares space with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. This is an extraordinary lineup that implies Big Changes and New Beginnings. Of the seven traditional planets only Mars is absent. In Taurus, Mars stands for the outsiders and those who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, oppressed and marginalized. All beings are part of our Earth community and we are asked to develop a cosmic consciousness of belonging.

Venus in Aquarius as choral director of the planetary line up asks us to harmonize for the betterment of the world. Aquarius is the sign of social reform, community, innovation, and solidarity.

Ask yourself: How can your story help shape a better society?

Mercury retrograde until Feb 20th asks us to reassess and fix what needs to be fixed before moving forward. When Mercury is retrograde we can't rely on “logic” or data. We have to pay attention to feelings and follow our intuition. At this time we continue to be of service to others and to our communities not necessarily with words, which may be misinterpreted, but via actions. This is "actions are louder than words" astrology. Mars squares Mercury (and in fact all the other planets in Aquarius) making this provocative energy that can easily lead to arguments and disputes.

Pallas at 21° degrees conjunct Sun and Moon asks us to be practical and apply wisdom in situations that may arise at this time.

Venus conjunct Jupiter at 12° Aquarius is a meeting between love and abundance, creativity and spiritual intelligence. An auspicious pairing that can be celebrated by giving thanks and making a donation to a charity. Remember to thank the Creator, preferred deities, Ascended Master or saints and then family and friends who are supportive. Best causes to give to on this day would be charities helping women, children, artists and educational projects.

Reality is shifting and we must transform ourselves. Ask yourself: What role do you intend to play in the New World?

This New Moon and accompanying stellium in Aquarius highlight the areas marked for change this year. Read for your Rising & Sun sign.

Aquarius: 1st house

Self-image. Self-expression. Courage/ Daring.

Journal Questions:

What does your truth look, feel, taste and sound like? How can others learn from you? What are you learning from others?

Pisces: 12th house

The Unconscious/Shadow. Boundaries. Sense of Agency. Developing a relationship with the Divine.

Journal Questions:

What does “sanctuary” mean to you? How do you create sanctuary for yourself? Are you living with regret and guilt and how are these stopping you from enjoying your precious life?

Aries: 11th House

Friendships. Associates. Hopes and wishes for the future.

Journal Questions:

Do your friends share your values? Who would you like to get to know better? Are you ready to go after what you really want?

Taurus: 10th House

Career. Public image.

Journal Questions:

Am I where I want to be? Am I living my vocation?

Gemini: 9th House

Higher Education. Spirituality. Philosophy.

Journal Questions:

What makes your life meaningful? Do you have a clear vision for your life?

Cancer: 8th House

Occult matters. Intimacy. Other people’s money. Death/Rebirth.

Journal Matters:

What does self-love look and feel like? Are you living your truth? What stirs your soul?

Leo: 7th House

Partnerships (personal and professional).

Journal Questions:

How have your relationships helped you discover more about yourself? Are you ready to commit to someone special? Are you open to nurturing deeper relationships?

Virgo: 6th House

Service. Daily routine. Pets. Health.

Journal Questions:

What does your body want you to know/ What can your body teach you? What do you hope to manifest through ritual and routine? What does the terrain between your head and your feet look and feel like?

Ritual is routine infused with mindfulness.

It is habit made holy.

—Kent Nerburn

Small Graces

Libra: 5th House

Inner child. Joy. Creativity. Artistic Self-expression.

Journal Question:

How is your communication (spoken, written or movement) adding more beauty and joy? Do you make time for play? What makes you happy?

Scorpio: 4th House

The Shadow. Family. Ancestors. Home.

Journal Question:

Who or what still has power over you? What needs to happen for you to cut the cord?

Sagittarius: 3rd House

Communication. Siblings. Conscious thoughts. Neighbours.

Journal Question:

What exciting new discoveries have you made about yourself? What has “come to light”? How can you best integrate and communicate new findings/lessons?

Capricorn: 2nd House

Self-worth. Money. Values. Sense of ownership.

Journal Question:

What do you value most? What can you improve upon? What talent or skills do you need to acquire?




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