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New Moon in Aries

Today’s New Moon is potent and lovely. The first New Moon of the astrological year is always an important New Moon as it sets the tone for the year ahead. We’re obviously not out of the woods yet with Mars in Gemini square Neptune helping to spread COVID variants far and wide but this is a New Moon that encourages New Beginnings and fresh starts.

Work with this New Moon by making a tally of the lessons learned this past year and consider how you can apply them to exciting new possibilities. Set your intentions for the year ahead at the first sign of the Crescent Moon. Be bold!

This is a powerful cardinal chart with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Ceres and Chiron in Aries. So while you undoubtedly are going to feel some fear about starting that new business or moving to a new city for example, the cosmic energy says “feel the fear and do it anyway!”.

Pluto in Capricorn square Venus in Aries adds some emotional intensity to relationships with the potential of transmuting hard-heartedness to enlightened compassion. Venus sextile Jupiter brings luck, love and opportunities to make money while sextiles to Mars and Jupiter respectively encourage us to put ourselves “out there”. Ask for what you want and grab opportunities!

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is “A Pregnant Woman in Light Summer Dress”. An invitation to engage with the fullness of life. This Sabian symbol makes me think of how we can make changes to our identity. We don’t have to live with labels. If you are a smoker you can become a non-smoker for example. You can BE who you want to be. This symbol to me, represents the potential of rebirth.

Make this an unforgettable year fueled by self-belief and passion!




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