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New Moon in Aries

Today’s New Moon occurs at 11:24 pm (PT) in Aries. Sun and Moon at 11º30’ Aries are conjunct Chiron and Mercury. Chiron’s presence indicates the need to heal emotional wounds and because Mars’ rules Aries, these wounds center around our unmet desires and needs. Look to the house occupied by Aries in your natal chart for clues and a deeper analysis of what the Moon brings to the surface at this time.

Aries is the sign of the entrepreneur, fighter and leader so there’s a chance that what has held you back until now, is a fear of taking risks but also crippling self-doubt.

Mercury’s presence in this pile-up, tells us that in order to heal we need to start talking or writing about the hard things. Whenever our favorite malefic, Mars, hosts a party we know we’re going to be put to the test. It might be that in order for something magical to open up for you, you will need to do things that you would deem “dangerous” or forbidden.

The New Moon in Aries, always encourages venturing, like The Fool in the tarot, into the unknown.

Jupiter and Neptune, conjunct in Pisces, bring divine support and guidance. Pay attention to dreams, synchronicities and any symbols or archetypes that call to you at this time. The Moon in Aries will assist in turning vision into intention.



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