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New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow's New Moon at 18º Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn and trine Neptune in Pisces. For many this Moon brings a cathartic release; an outpouring of emotions. With Pluto there is always the possibility of an intense confrontation either leading up to the New Moon or soon afterwards. Saturn sextile Chiron encourages honest communication about what hurts which - a reminder - is not the same as being mean. Saturn always asks for a mature approach. People in your life will serve as catalysts for change at this time and what has been bottled up will come spilling out, opening a path for a new way of relating and being in the world.

This is very much a Moon of new beginnings. If you have planets or important angles between 14º-23º Cancer, this New Moon brings dramatic change. There is a strong message here to release the past, to unshackle yourself from narrow-minded conditioning and to give birth to a better version of yourself.

Neptune in Pisces asks for a healthy dose of self-compassion and faith that everything will work out in our favour while we either undergo a radical transformation or ease off the brakes and take a much deserved vacation. If you’re taking a break sometime in the next two weeks, expect to be inspired by your surroundings (Moon trine Neptune). Holidays near water (sea, lakes) will be infused with a dreamy, magical quality.

Quick horoscopes for this New Moon. Please read for your Sun and Rising sign:


1st House

Changes to your identity, self-perception, body and image. A new tattoo, a change of status, newfound fame, public recognition, a new haircut.


2nd House

Income, sense of worth.

A new job. A change in earnings. An exciting new purchase. A new hobby. A promotion.


3rd House

Communications, siblings.

News from siblings. Lots of correspondence/paperwork. Writing contract. Speaking gig.


4th House

Home, family and ancestors.

Selling your home or buying a new home. Relocation. News from or about your parents. Connecting with distant relatives. Discovering your origins.


5th House

Creativity. romance and children.

A new creative project. A new baby. An important milestone for a child. A new love affair.


6th House

Health, pets, daily routine.

A new exercise regimen. A new furry addition to the family. A dramatic change to your routine.


7th House


A new partner (romantic or professional). Marriage or a business contract.


8th House

Taxes, death, inheritances, debts.

News from the Receiver. Debt consolidation. Unexpected money. A new or budding interest in occult subjects.


9th House

Higher education, philosophy, travel.

A vacation by the sea. A new perspective or philosophical outlook. Taking a class.


10th House

Reputation and Career.

A promotion. A change of career.


11th House

Groups and friends, hopes and wishes.

A dream come true. A new friend or group of like-minded people.


12th House

Secrets. Dreams. The Subconscious Mind. Heritage.

A secret revealed. Shadow work. Therapy. Starting an ancestral practice.




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