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New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer occurs 28 June, 2022 at 7:51 pm PT. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) will be in an exact square to Jupiter in Aries, conjunct the fixed star Murzims “The Announcer” and semi-sextile Venus in Gemini.

During Cancer season we find ourselves- in some way or other - having to answer the question: What is home?

To some a home is a place filled with “stuff” that has sentimental value. To others, a home is a person or a state of being. This was reinforced for me recently when I stayed for three weeks in my mother’s house. A house that was passed on to her by her parents. The land itself has been in our family for generations. There are almost no new items or modern gadgets in my mother’s house. For example, the cutlery is the same cutlery my grandparents used. The house is in many ways a museum.

“Stuff” and places hold memories. They are charged with energy. Consider the objects you choose to surround yourself with and whether or not they bring you joy (Marie Kondo). If you are holding onto something that no longer fits the person you are today or if an object's presence re-traumatizes you, consider donating it (or burying it).

Cancer is the sign most associated with containers. Baskets, bowls, bottles, buckets and …mangers. The constellation of the Crab contains a cluster of stars known as the “Praesaepe” - the Manger or crib. The word “manger” comes from the Latin word mandere which means “to chew.” A manger or crib is a wooden or stone feeding trough that holds hay for larger farm animals like cattle, horses, and donkeys. The two faint yellow stars on either side of the Praesaepe take the form of animals and are called Aselli, the Asses. The need to provide nourishment - to feed others, is very Cancerian. We feel our best when we are literally feeding family and friends. Problems inevitably arise when we realize we are failing to nourish ourselves as well as we nourish others or when it becomes clear that our generosity or service is not appreciated.

So other questions that may arise this week are What feeds you? Who feeds you?

Since New Moons are for setting intentions, consider how you would like to “feed” others. Consider too, how you would like to serve and whether or not being of service is important to you.

This New Moon finds Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries makes a square to the Moon in Cancer. How does your heritage inform or impede your goals?

Mars is powerful in Aries and he squares Pluto. Cancer like the other water signs is very much a sign concerned with our inner life. What goes on the inside takes priority over the exterior. What threatens your inner peace? Mars will be defending Pluto’s pull towards change and transformation. You may be feeling particularly protective of your family time.

Change comes when you decide you don't want to feel a certain way anymore.

This New Moon encourages starting over.

Aries 4th House

Set intentions around home and family.

Taurus 3rd House

Set intentions around communication, siblings and community.

Gemini 2nd House

Set intentions around money and self-worth.

Cancer 1st House

Set intentions around your self-image and temperament.

Leo 12th House

Set intentions around dreams and self-knowledge.

Virgo 11th House

This is a powerful New Moon for you. Make a wish or three and set intentions around friendship and support.

Libra 10th House

Set intentions around your career and reputation.

Scorpio 9th House

Set intentions around education, travel and spirituality/faith.

Sagittarius 8th House

Set intentions around debts, taxes, occult matters and sex.

Capricorn 7th House

Set intentions around marriage and partnerships.

Aquarius 6th House

Set intentions around work and daily habits/routine.

Pisces 5th House

Set intentions around creativity, children and romance.




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