• Yolanda McAdam

New Moon In Cancer July 20th

The New Moon in Cancer occurs at 11:32 am MDT (10:32 am PDT, 1:30 pm ET) Monday, July 20th.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer and happily this one is not an eclipse! Two new moons in the same sign is a cosmic sign to work with the qualities and wisdom inherent in that sign, so here we’re encouraged to revisit issues of home, family, heritage and property. This New Moon asks you to “get real”, accept a decision or cut your losses especially around Cancerian themes like property. But this can also apply to business as the Sun opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

So for example, if you’ve been umming and ahing about whether or not to close your doors or sell your business this aspect will bring you fresh insight or help you make a final decision.

This astrology does not favour any projects or plans for quick profits and immediate results. This is conservative and slow astrology.