• Yolanda McAdam

New Moon in Gemini

Updated: May 27, 2020

The New Moon tomorrow in airy Gemini invites a new personal narrative and the purposeful usage of words. Words as medicine bundles. Words as wands of transformation and vehicles of discovery. Supported in a harmonious trine by Saturn in Aquarius, tomorrow’s New Moon asks us to give form to our ideas and to add structure to our lives.

Mercury is at home in Gemini and conjunct Venus. The god of communications and commerce and the goddess of abundance, love, and relationships make a delightful pair. Mercury is chatty, gossipy, and social and Venus is learning so much, in fact in retrograde mode, she is currently rereading her favourite books, revisiting hobbies, and rediscovering a passion for a certain subject (or person).

Both Mercury and Venus are square Neptune in Pisces. While this cosmic exchange encourages imaginative self-expression, Neptune blurs and distorts, so be aware that you may be on the receiving end of half-truths or that someone is intentionally deceiving you at this time. Also watch your own words and do your best to be truthful and honest in all your dealings.