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New Moon in Leo

Describe the image that burns at the very center of your heart.

If all things have a kami, a holy power, what is the name of your kami?

What are you intended for?

Today, the Sun and Moon in Leo, remind us that we are co-creators on this journey through space and time and that life is a process of creation. You are not here to discover yourself but to create yourself. Imagination is your most powerful tool.

You are who you imagine yourself to be.

Jupiter in Aries trine the Sun and Moon dare us to explore unfamiliar territory. This message is further emphasized by Mars-Uranus conjunct in treasure-seeking Taurus. Take a chance. Do things differently. However if you’re planning on doing something major, like leaving a marriage, be very sure that what you want is actually what you want because Taurus is a fixed sign and whatever you decide will be permanent.

There is only one planet in Air and that is Saturn in Aquarius which tells us we're all a little short on perspective this week.

Mercury in Leo square Mars-Uranus indicates that words are being used as weapons. Chances are you are probably surprised by someone’s attitude towards you.

Venus in Cancer is sextile Mars in Taurus making someone especially irresistible today. This is an aspect of creativity, fertility and growth.

A quick summary of this New Moon in Leo:

Embrace courage and creativity and everything that makes you “odd”. Find joy in a sunrise, the smell of sweetgrass burning, the shape of your lover’s mouth, the song that moves you body…

This is a wonderful lunation for setting your intentions.



P.S. I have been posting a lot about the Mars-Uranus conjunction on social media because these two are in the process of shaking things up on every level. If you’ve missed these posts please check out my IG or FB accounts.


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