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New Moon in Leo - Untying the Sun

All your problems can be solved, if you just untie that sun that somehow got leashed on a pole in you.

Tomorrow's New Moon at 16º14’ Leo (8 August) is in a tight square to Uranus in Taurus and trine Chiron in Aries. These are separating aspects, which means the Moon and Sun are moving away from freedom-loving Uranus and healing Chiron and heading towards aspects with Venus, Neptune and Mercury, in that order. This means that you are greeting this day with some new insight, or even surprising and healing information that will help you unleash your sun from the pole.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is associated physiologically with the heart. Whatever is in your heart is crying to be released at this time.

What do you want to create? How do you plan to shine? What creative gift will garner you the admiration you seek? And more importantly, what must you do to gain self-respect?

Saturn in Aquarius, opposite Sun and Moon, is the pole in this analogy. It’s the pole of conformity, of playing small to "keep the peace" or the stale tradition that has been preventing you from claiming the spotlight. In Aquarius, Saturn also serves as a reminder that we are the company we keep. If the people in your circle are not encouragers (the word courage comes from the French word for heart, couer) then the time has come to find some.

New Moons are just as much about new beginnings as they are about endings.

Have the courage to put yourself out there and do the thing that makes your heart sing.

Look at what house sits in Leo in your birth chart for clues to where you can shine this Leo Season.

1st house: You shine by living your life on your own terms.

2nd house: You shine by believing in yourself and acknowledging your worth.

3rd house: You shine through your writing, speaking, networking.

4th house: You shine at home and in your ability to nurture and nourish yourself and others.

5th house: You shine through creative self-expression (art, drama, dance, writing, poetry).

6th house: You shine in your disciplined approach to your daily routine; your dedication to health and wellness.

7th house: You shine in and through your partnerships (romantic and professional).

8th house: You shine in your approach to money management, debt consolidation and in your occult practices.

9th house: You shine in your studies, mentoring, teaching and in appreciating different perspectives.

10th house: You shine in a leadership role.

11th house: You shine within a group or in community work.

12th house: You shine through your connection with the Divine. Use this season to get honest with yourself about what makes you come alive.