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New Moon In Libra

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I want to share a quick overview of how I interpret the weekly weather and other offerings before we dive into tomorrow’s New Moon In Libra.

I always start out by printing a chart for the exact time of the new moon (or full moon) and because I’m in Edmonton, it’s printed out in Mountain Standard Time.

I make a note of the major aspects (how are the planets relating to each other? Are they in accord or is there tension and discord)? And then I sit with that chart.

I meditate. I draw three, sometimes six tarot cards and then I look for the thread that connects it all.

Sometimes meditation is unnecessary. Sometimes the astrology is urgent and crystal clear. And sometimes, translation arrives in dreams.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that I mustn’t ignore any strange or seemingly disconnected visions that pop into my head when I’m reading someone’s chart or when I sit down with these weekly offerings. So if you're reading my offerings and wondering which aspect reflects this or that, then know that all my readings are layered.

So with that, let’s look at what’s coming up...

The astrology for October speaks of corrections.

Synonyms for the word "correction" include rectification, alteration, modification and setting right.

Expect to hear and make apologies. The news will be full of stories of regret and rectification. (The noise has already started but will get progressively louder in October). People will be making amends or trying. There will be alterations - to houses, to policies, to language...and rectifications to values.

All the faster moving planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) will square Pluto (planet of change and transformation) and Saturn (planet of self-discipline and structure) as they make their way through Libra (the sign of justice, harmony and relationships).

This astrology is asking us to consider the ways we hold on to ideas, feelings, habits, memories, and people that prevent us from moving forward in the direction of our dreams or life purpose.

Here is an example (admittedly an extreme example but it emphasizes Plutonian energy perfectly):

A client of mine came to me for a reading because she had lost everyone she cared about.

Her story began with the loss of her eldest son in a car accident in the early 90s and when she came to me for a reading (almost two decades later), was quick to show me pictures of a “memorial wall” she had created for him almost immediately after his death.

This memorial took up an entire wall of the living room and was covered with photographs of him and adorned with medals and flowers.

Was it any wonder that her husband left her and her youngest children moved on as soon as they could to go live in another city?

Because current aspects with Pluto are tense some realizations or truths are going to be hard to look at in the face.

Be gentle with yourself and others at this time and remember we all come to realize certain truths in our own time.

A few words on grief:

There is no time limit on grief and there are no quick fixes. Pain and loss are woven into the fabric of our lives. It is possible to hold onto feelings of grief and still move forward in the direction of our highest vision for our lives.

Which leads us to...

New Moon In Libra

Tomorrow’s new moon favours:


The technical term for psychological flexibility is “the ability to contact the present moment more fully as a conscious human being and to change, or persist in, behavior when doing so serves valued ends”(Biglan, Hayes, & Pistorello, 2008).

This acceptance is critical because research shows that trying to get rid of our difficult thoughts and emotions increases their frequency, strength and duration (Wegner, 1994). Instead, psychological flexibilty means holding thoughts and emotions lightly, seeing them as part of our ongoing, everyday experience as human beings. (Source)

The opposite of psychological flexibility is avoidance. If you were used to hearing you were stupid as a child, you may be avoiding situations that require you to prove yourself. You do this to stop difficult thoughts and unpleasant feelings. However, all this does is narrow your options.

The solution: focus on your values.

Journal exercise:

Identify and clarify your values (relationships, health, family and work). Deep down, what are your priorities? What matters most to you?

Balance and relaxation