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New Moon in Libra

A New Moon in Libra is usually the best time for us to set intentions centered around relationship and partnership. Tomorrow’s New Moon (16 October) is no such Moon.

Sitting in Venus- ruled Libra and opposed by Mars in Aries and square Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, Luna is more interested in working with what already exists and less with what has yet to manifest.

Mercury and Mars are also retrograde; another signal that this is not a New Moon of magical New Beginnings. The collective energy at this time speaks of roadblocks, detours and endings. What you put out there in the form of a frivolous wish or intention that is not grounded in radical honesty and open-hearted awareness will likely slide off a wall of resistance because...Saturn.

Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn, is the king of the skies at this time and will continue to be king until he moves into Aquarius in December. In Capricorn, an ambitious and practical earth sign, Saturn asks for accountability, discipline, structure and maturity.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi

This New Moon with the aid of Saturn and Pluto asks you to commit either to ending a toxic relationship or a relationship that is going nowhere or to commit to building a stronger foundation so your special relationship can flourish. With the Moon in harmony- loving, balance-seeking Libra you must remember that for a relationship to work and thrive you need to work together on a fifty-fifty basis - one partner can’t be taking more than he/she is giving.

This message is further emphasized by Venus’ current transit through Virgo. This is Venus in her super doer mode. In Virgo, Venus is the goddess of makeovers and do-overs. You may feel ready to “clean up” on several levels. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio calls for conversations about subjects you would normally gloss over or prefer to ignore like finances, sex, death. Overall, this is an auspicious time to strengthen existing relationships by embracing your vulnerability.

To do:

  • Take responsibility instead of blaming your partner/significant others

  • Show appreciation and share your emotions

  • Talk about your dreams and desires



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