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New Moon in Libra

The Invitation

This New Moon in Libra encourages a revision of how we relate with ourselves, others and the world. We are invited to consider a greater sense of Self. A Self that is not obsessed with ego gratification but that deepens and widens to embrace all life forms and places profound value in maintaining relationships.

The Astrology

Many people cling to the idea that there is a special person out there, a “twin flame” (New Age) or a “magical other” (James Hollis) who will understand us and take care of us and “spare us the burden of growing up and meeting our own needs” (James Hollis).

This fantasy is so prevalent that it even rivals another obsessive fantasy; that material goods will bring us happiness. The New Moon in Libra on October 6th at 4:04am PT, is going to encourage a revision of our beliefs about intimate relationships as many of us - perhaps finally - awaken to the truth that a soul mate is a perfectly imperfect human.

In Libra, Mars wants to fulfill Venus' urge to relate but unfortunately Mars is not built for unity. He’s better equipped to cut and separate. If you aren’t in a ‘special relationship' you're probably actively pursuing one and if you are in a relationship, Mars is highlighting areas of imbalance and fracture.

Perhaps you are the one making all the important decisions? Perhaps your partner is doing all of the communicating? Maybe you're the only one who loads the dishwasher?

Of course, this pertains to business partnerships and housemates too. You may have come to a painful realization. Maybe, a partner is not the person you thought they were and your differences may seem insurmountable; a vast ideological ocean that will be difficult to navigate, but you would be wrong, because the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars are traveling through Libra, the sign of the Scales.

We do not grow in relationships by parroting the Other, copying values or subscribing to the same beliefs. We grow when we experience differences and learn to appreciate the immensity of another’s soul. Libra is not a selfish sign and by selfish, I mean that it’s not a sign that is exclusively concerned with its own interests. Libra asks us to share and compromise.

What can you learn from your partner and significant others? Or better yet, what are you learning right now? In all likelihood, you are learning to respect the other’s right to an opinion (and fair trial).

Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

Venus is currently traveling through the deep aquifers of Scorpio. Scorpio water is always beneath the surface, unseen. In Scorpio, Venus needs to experience a powerful and transformational connection, something deeply romantic but also dangerous like the Twilight pairing of Bella Swan and Edward. Venus here wants to be consumed by passion.

Which leads to Venus’ connection with Neptune...

This connection may find us succumbing to a daydream. We’re swept away by Charmers and Scam Artists but we are also seduced by The Medicine Cabinet. Hallucinogens, painkillers and alcohol become gateways for creative inspiration.


We discover a line of communication has opened up. Our Gods come to us in dreams... in snippets of conversation with loved ones, in a tarot spread, a random passage in a book. We see ourselves clearly - perhaps for the first time in our lives - as Divine Creators. We find joy in giving which is not the same as sharing. We bring forth works of art, poetry, film, music and dance.

Mars Conjunct Sun in Libra

Mars is in the heart of the Sun (cazimi) being purified and recharged. Mars represents the masculine principle - specifically the Young Masculine. The archetypal energy is that of the Warrior, the Hero, and Prince. You identify with this energy (regardless of your sex) when you fearlessly pursue a goal or are driven by your impulses and desires. Mars activates desire. He needs something or someone to pursue. He needs to believe he has won something - a heart, a medal, a country. In Libra, the sign of cooperation and relationship, Mars asks us to make adjustments and rebalance.

How long have you identified with and focused primarily on the Youthful Masculine? How long have you been the Hero/Heroine in your relationships for example or the opposite archetype, the weak Princess/Prince? Are you the one who ultimately “saves the day”? How can you balance out your sexual urges? How can you balance out your aggressive tendencies?

Pay attention to what comes up for you today and tomorrow. The New Moon is an invitation to recalibrate and rebalance.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

When the God of communication challenges the God of the Underworld, there is a tendency to obsess over someone or to reach for control. This is not an easy aspect and since it’s an applying aspect, you may find yourself swinging from delightful optimism to apathy and quarreling later this week. There is the potential though for deep healing if you and your partner are prepared to open up.

The Way

This New Moon asks us to delight in the awakening of our senses in order to establish a relation with our inner and the outer world.

Hearing: Are you attuned to beauty and harmony or dissonance and discord?

Smell: Do the smells in your home evoke peace and pleasure? How can you create pleasurable memories with smell? Think: Vanilla, Cinnamon…

Seeing: What of the world are you taking into yourself?

Taste: Is there a distinct taste to the clothes you wear, your home decor, the books you read?




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