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New Moon in Pisces

Today’s New Moon in Pisces is joined by the Sun, Venus and Neptune signalling an imaginative and fertile new start.

The main astrological influence is today’s Venus - Neptune conjunction. Neptune is Pisces’ modern ruler and a higher octave planet that brings about change in an unconscious level. Neptune and Venus both admire the same things. Art, beauty, and love to name a few.

Venus seeks these things in a practical way while Neptune works to “bring heaven to Earth” by dissolving barriers and limitations. Venus gets her desires met in the physical realm while Neptune seeks to exalt these desires - raise them up so that they’re extraordinary and magical and worthy of devotion. Love is not just love to Neptune.

This new energy can be described as a shift from what delights the flesh and our senses to what does devotion to self and others look and feel like?

These two are working together this weekend to build a bridge between conscious action and unconscious desires. What this means is that what was formless is in the process of taking shape and what you once thought impossible or unlikely is now within your reach.

For those of us willing to sink into the Neptunian depths this weekend there is the strong probability of discovering our true nature which is indescribable and boundless.

This is a great weekend for:

  • Romance

  • Soul- crafting (activities that nourish the soul like sitting in stillness, painting, being out in nature etc)

  • Practising gentleness and flexibility




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