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New Moon In Sagittarius

By the time he was a teenager, Paulo Coelho knew he wanted to be a writer. But his parents had other plans for his life. They wanted him to become a lawyer.

When he rebelled against their vision for his life, they sent him to a mental asylum - three times. His parents wanted to “save” him but Paulo refused to compromise.

He drifted between professions and was jailed more than once for political activism before committing to writing full time.

His first book, The Pilgrimage, didn’t sell very well but his second book The Alchemist went on to sell roughly 35 million copies. The Alchemist is an allegorical novel about an Andalusian shepherd boy who follows a mystical trek in which he learns to speak the "Language of the World" and thus receives his heart's desire.

Tomorrow’s new moon in Sagittarius is about The Big Picture.

Blessed by Jupiter’s expansive presence and in a tight embrace with the Sun in Sagittarius, this new moon is all about your personal quest. In other words, your vision for your life.

The questions that need answering at this time are:

  • What is my ultimate purpose?

  • Where do I see myself ten years from now?

  • What do I need to do in order to accomplish the grandest and biggest vision for my life?

“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers.” – Carl Sagan

What often comes up when we reflect on these Big Questions is a realization that we still need to grow.

Growth comes from stretching and exploration. It happens when we move beyond our self-imposed boundaries and break up with safe but stale routines.

We grow when we travel or expand our circle of friends. We grow when we open ourselves up to learning new things. And commit to listening more and reading more.

At the feet of the Goddess, we ask:

Amaze me.

Surprise me.

The new moon occurs at 8:05 MST tomorrow (26 November). If you live in a different time zone please go to to convert the time.

It’s best to make your wishes within the first 12 hours of the New Moon but up to 48 hrs is still ok. Please write out your wishes in a quiet place and only when you know you won’t be interrupted. This is a sacred ritual.

Here's what you can wish for according to your sun sign (and rising sign if you know it):


*Creative self-expression *Love Affairs *Children.

How can you put your own unique stamp on everything you do? Who are you attracting into your space?


*Work * Daily Routines.

Are you looking for work? How can you improve upon your daily routine? What would you like to add or improve upon in your day-to-day life?


*Marriage *Important Others.

Who matters to you? Are you a good partner and friend? Do you trust others? Are you open to new relationships and partnerships?


*Shared Resources *Loans *Intimacy *Investments.

Do you feel financially and emotionally supported? What do you need?


*Travel *Higher Education.

Want to be more adventurous? Want to travel next year? Do you need to qualify or study further?


*Reputation *Career.

Is your career your calling? How are you cultivating a reputation for greatness in your chosen field?


*Friends *Associates *Groups.

Do you have a supportive group of friends and associates? Are you open to making new friends?