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New Moon in Scorpio

Today’s New Moon in Scorpio (10:07pm MT, 9:07 PT) and (12:07am ET and 5:07am GMT on the 15th November) follows on the heels of the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction (12 November). Pluto as one of the dispositors of this lunation brings change from the inside out. The Moon and Sun make cooperative aspects to Jupiter and Pluto. Sextiles yield rewards if we are prepared to do the work. The work referenced here is the Great Work of Transformation. This requires a willingness to go deeper than we have before. To seek the truth behind our sense of disempowerment, inferiority and lack of agency. What needs to be brought up to the light in order for healing to occur?

Look to the house occupied by this New Moon (Scorpio) to see what area of life is about to undergo a radical transformation or where you will experience a rebirth of sorts.

Mars, the other dispositor as the traditional ruler of Scorpio turned direct yesterday and we now have both the energy and motivation to initiate or resume projects. For greater clarity on what you should be applying energy to, look at the house in your birth chart that is currently being navigated by Mars.

Asteroid Juno, representing marriage and commitment conjunct the Moon and Sun heralds a time of greater intimacy and understanding but also a time to move on from a relationship that is a dead end.

You may of course, not be feeling very energized this weekend and that’s because the New Moon is a time to seek spiritual renewal. This is a great weekend to read mystery novels or watch true crime stories and to explore subjects like astrology, tarot and spirituality.

Other Positive ways to work with this New Moon

Scorpio is the sign most associated with secrets, possessiveness, jealousy and resentment. Take a moment this weekend to think about your own feelings of envy and jealousy.

Envy means discontented longing for someone else's advantages. Jealousy means unpleasant suspicion, or apprehension of rivalship. - Merriam- Webster

Who apparently has achieved your desired level of success? Or is in possession of qualities you wish you had?

The gift of this New Moon is the realization that you already have within you what you most desire. You too can reach the same heights (and higher) if you stop focusing on what others have and do the work . No great success has ever been achieved without great effort.

This is a powerful healing Moon. Think of the parts of your life that you would like healed and ask the Universe (God, Goddess, Higher Self) to open a door for your healing. Stay vigilant over the next two weeks for guidance. Remember guidance can come in many guises! It may come in the form of healing words from a friend, a recommendation from a therapist or even from the pages of a book.

Wishing you a Blessed New Moon!




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