• Yolanda McAdam

New Moon In Taurus

Today we celebrate the New Moon in Taurus (22 April), the first earth sign, and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

This New Moon encourages slow living, nourishing routines, and the appreciation of nature.

United with Uranus, the agent of change, this New Moon makes a frustrating square to Saturn in Aquarius, symbolizing how restrictions and limitations continue to reshape our lives.

Uranus, the god of disruption, is dedicated to liberation so you may very well feel like you’ve hit the proverbial ceiling on how much more you can take. Expect a sudden development, not necessarily positive, in the house in your birth chart in which Uranus currently sits (Taurus). As the Sun and Moon conjoin Uranus you can also expect a breakthrough or a shattering of pent-up energy (from yourself and/or others). At this time, the Divine continues to remove all that is superfluous and superficial from our lives. What remains is essential and true.