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New Moon in Taurus

In the garden, the magnolia tree is in full bloom. The sweet peas we planted in March have grabbed onto a trellis hubby made of string, and our small herb garden is flourishing (the thyme has been re-potted twice already). The mountain that is our home, is alive with birdsong. 

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There is an electric and sexy charge in the air. Maybe you’re aware of this virile force if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. I hope so. And I hope you’ve been having some fun with it ;)

April 30th is the day pagans celebrate Beltane. Beltane is a fire festival associated with abundant fertility. It’s the time we honor the sacred union of the God and Goddess to bring forth new life. 

If you wish to connect with this energy, light a fire or candle on May’s Eve to help you symbolically clear the path for a joy-filled Summer.

Say the following out loud:

I ignite the sacred flame within me,

I honour my body and my sexual energy.

I am a magical being filled with creative potential, power and passion.

May the flame of this Beltane candle protect, strengthen and inspire me.

So be it, so it is.

If there are beliefs or patterns that no longer support you on your journey, write them down on a small piece of paper. Burn the paper in a fire safe dish or perform this ritual outdoors. (Please practice fire safety).

On the same day (30 April) we have the first solar eclipse - a partial solar eclipse - in Taurus at 1:28pm PT. You can learn more about eclipses here.

Taurus is a very esoteric sign, as are all fixed signs. Taurus is the sign of The Bull. A bull is a powerful animal, associated with virility and stubbornness. How do you coax a bull out of his verdant pasture? Slowly. And with much love and ...delicious treats.

This eclipse is about coaxing something out from within yourself that is potently virile and has the ability to make babies. It could be anything from a character trait that has been hiding in the cellar to a lifelong goal that once accomplished will bring many benefits. Whatever you bring forth at this time with love has the potential to change your life - specifically the next four years. Look to your Taurus natal house for clues as to what area of your life will be impacted.

This New Moon ruled by Venus, finds Venus the planet of love and the principle of attraction in a dance with Jupiter, the Great Benefic. The North Node will be in a harmonious trine to Pluto (Fated events) in Capricorn and sextile the planetary pile-up in Pisces (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune). The Sun and Moon will be conjunct Uranus which implies something unanticipated may occur soon after the eclipse. Let me elaborate here by pointing out that the first aspect the Moon makes is a sextile to Mars, which suggests that action taken around this time may have a surprising or unexpected result. I think you will be happy with the result but with shock-producing Uranus and the fact that this is a partial solar eclipse, the Fates have the final say.

This event speaks of an outpouring of cosmic grace, love and opportunity and I’m sure you are going to feel like things are finally shifting for you in a positive way.

New Moon in Taurus 30 April 2022



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