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New Moon In Virgo

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Tomorrow’s sensible New Moon in Virgo (25 degrees) makes a trine to Saturn and Pluto and squares the Nodes, an indication of fated new beginnings. The trine blesses us with the required commitment to the Great Task ahead.

The general tone, with all this Cardinal energy is one of serious effort and intentional anchoring.

This “new beginning” of course may not manifest on a scale worthy of red balloons and party shoes, it could with Saturn and Pluto in the equation, herald a time of cut-backs or stricter measures at home and/or work. That said, please be aware that Saturn, like Jupiter, does every now and then handout party favours.

Opposing imaginative and Otherworldly Neptune in Pisces, we may be having strange or prophetic dreams and insights will come from “hunches” and perhaps less obviously from guardian spirits, departed loved ones and ancestors. There is also a warning not to ignore any health issues at this time as Neptune tends to “blur” issues and the Moon rules the body. In Virgo, our intestines and how we digest information and experiences are highlighted.

There is also a strong pull towards building or initiating relationship with the Divine. This New Moon will bless any and all respectful and humble attempts at connection with whichever deity you feel drawn too.

The New Moon novile Vesta, goddess of the eternal flame, speaks of dedicating ourselves to something that is truly important to us. There is an invitation to “shine our light” further spotlighted by Venus’ current transit in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun.

Except for Neptune in Pisces, there is no other water in the sky. A strong indication that we need to get on with things and avoid getting lost in the watery depths of feeling.

Virgo is Mercury-ruled so we have to consider Mercury’s position. In Libra, Mercury is sextile Venus and focused on relationships. If you are feeling despondent, alone or overwhelmed this is a reminder to reach out to the people you care about. A cosmic reminder to surround yourself with people who encourage your light and truth.

Virgo New Moon is always a good time to be of service, get organized, fix things, jumpstart an exercise routine or start a healthier lifestyle and embrace alternative healing practices/modalities.

Set your intentions this New Moon any time after 2:56 pm (EDT) or when you can see the Crescent Moon (my preferred time). The following also highlights the areas you will experience change in the coming weeks:

Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:


Self-image, Identity


Rest, Reflection, dreams


Friends, Groups, Hopes & Wishes


Career, vocation, status


Travel, higher education, new cultures


Joint finances, sex, Occult


Relationships (personal and professional)


Health, work, routine


Children, creativity, love affairs


Home, family, ancestors


Communication, siblings, neighbours


Money, personal values