• Yolanda McAdam

November - The Month Ahead

Welcome to November!

Venus has moved into Sagittarius (1 Nov - 26 Nov) and here we find the planet of attraction, love, and money in an expansive and fun-loving mood. For all signs, the invitation here is to celebrate life. In Sagittarius, Venus is a freedom-loving traveler in a sequinned skirt. You'll find yourself drawn to or open to new experiences and new people. You'll want to expand your artistic repertoire if you're an artist. This is a great time to let curiosity guide you into creative terrains, like sculpture or monoprinting or painting. It is also an auspicious time to revisit old passions.

For example, if you painted with watercolors as a teen or were once into scrapbooking you may feel pulled to take them up again.

If you work for yourself, you'll be thinking of looking beyond your city limits. My recommendation here is to focus on planning. Write down action steps but don't act. It's wiser to follow up with old clients and revisit old ideas while Mercury is in retrograde. This is not the time to hire people (it's ok to do so if you've worked with the person in the past), sign contracts or engage in negotiation. Feel free to do so after the 20th.

Let's talk a little more about Venus. In Sagittarius, she is in the company of benevolent Jupiter and the asteroid Ceres (representing our capacity to love ourselves and nurture others). The energy created here is joyous and the broader message is "we all have the capacity for joy".