• Yolanda McAdam

Planetary Conditions - Under the Beams, Combustion and Cazimi

Updated: Jan 27

If you enjoy watching shows or reading about royalty and nobility like I do, you’ll know that the King or Queen (in some countries, the Emperor/Empress) is the highest ranking noble. Below the sovereign, come Dukes/Duchesses, Marquesses/Marchionesses etc and all of them at some point meet up with the reigning sovereign in his/her throne room to pay their respects, seek approval or beg for mercy.

In astrology, the Sun is the Heavenly King and all the planets revolve around him.

The glare of the Sun projects to about 17 degrees on either side of the Sun and it is this glare that we see at dawn and at dusk. When a planet enters this glare, like Mercury has, now that he’s travelling through Sagittarius, the planet is said to be under the beams of the Sun. A planet in this condition is weakened because the Sun’s light overpowers the planet.

When the planet is within 8 degrees of the Sun it is said to be combust because it’s light is no longer visible under the Sun’s rays. The planet is debilitated and its expression is weakened. The planet is also believed to go a symbolic death. In a natal chart, a combust planet indicates a degree of inhibition with regard to the qualities associated with that planet.